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  1. Recently I've been browsing this site, and eBay trying to get as much information as I can regarding Chanel because I decided to buy a second hand Chanel bag.

    One day I was completely curious to see how decent fakes were, so I googled fake Chanel's.

    I found this stupid website, and looked at the fake bags.

    It's really scary because you can barely tell the difference between real and fake from what I've gathered on this site comparing the fakes to the real things.

    I am totally against fakes, and it scares me that some fakes can look so authentic!

    Is there any way to report this website?
  2. Chanel is actually really good at persecuting people who make fake replicas. Of all the designer brands, I say they take the most effort and initiative to stop those who make replicas. It's hard to report websites because they often close down and change to a different domain name and start a totally new website.

  3. This website made me so angry.
    They say on the site that they will actually buy say for example a real cambon reporter bag, and copy it exactly how the real one is...and they use the same materials!
    It makes me wonder how many bags on eBay are exact duplicates...and are just amazing fakes...

    I was reading people's reviews, and it annoyed me so much. So many people were like

    "I love my new fake Chanel. I plan to buy another two or three and I've already bought 3 fake LV's. No one will know they're fake because they look like the real thing! There is no point in paying a ton when you can get this quality for much cheaper"

    It made me so angry. People are so ignorant.

    I realize it's probably a waste of my time to vent about something I can't do much about, but I can't help myself :sad:
  4. Not everyone can afford to spend 2000 plus on a handbag so I completely understand. They want the fashion but dont have the dough. You should just be happy you can afford it instead of getting angry at them for not being able to.
  5. You can try this email address: chanel@kmwlaw.com
  6. No matter what the reason is for selling/buying fake Chanels, it's still illegal to sell such merchandise.
  7. It's worth pointing out that some sellers of fake merchandise use pictures of real designer bags to entice you into buying them. I have seen a lot of fake bags (many people walk around with them in the UK) and the quality is poor.
  8. idk understand why anyone would want fake Chanels. they will never last long.

    which sucks because authentic chanel handbags do, and they become vintage one they are years old.

    guess some people will do anything to look good.

    there is a girl here at my job with a fake cambon handbag, she walks around like its so real!!

    i have to chuckle inside because its so funny.
  9. But I do feel sorry for people because not everyone can afford the real thing. To be honest, I could barey afford my medium classic but I would rather fork out the money for the real thing. I just won't eat for a month! It just makes me sick thinking of all the money we spend on genuine bags when people are buying fakes for peanuts. And then it worries me that people will see mine and assume it's fake because they know nothing about the brand.
  10. Wow, Nat! I am impressed with your connections! Good job!
  11. Fakers always say that their bags are 100% mirror image copies, but there is always something, even if it's minor, that IS different or off from authentic bags.

    In my opinion, If I couldn't afford it, I'd much rather carry a cute $200 lesser name brand bag than a fake bag!
  12. That's what I was going to say. The pictures may be the real thing and what you buy and get in the mail, another.
  13. I know it's expensive, but....
    Fake Chanel.jpg
  14. In addition to fakes being counterfeit goods and illegal, there have been proven connections between the sale of fakes and terrorism. I've seen two televised documentaries about this--scary stuff!
  15. Oh yup, they are definitely linked to triads!
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