Fake Chanel? Post it here!

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  1. This guy has been selling fakes designer purses on fb market-place, flea-markets, craigslist and let go. Selling Chanel for $125 and sad thing is people are buying them.

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  2. Oops! Thanks!

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  3. Both bags are legit :smile:
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  4. E8983679-E827-45C2-9488-539AB47EF58C.jpeg 4000A600-D94A-4462-8A2E-D3E5B8B30795.jpeg Hi guys, although I’ve been away for a long while since the birth of my princess, (thought the flaps that babies give you doesn’t fit with a glamorous bag so had to wait until it’s gone to start bag hunting again so I’m back) I’m now back in track.
    Thought I would warn you on this most canny seller I have ever seen
    The pictured Lego Clutch has a serial number that starts with 25 (2018 line) and we all know it’s a 2013 and some 2014 productions. The worst is that the sticker looks authentic and to me, it looks as if it’s scraped off a newer authentic production and stuck back into the fake clutch. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before?