Fake Chanel? Post it here!

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    Post your fake/counterfeit Chanel finds here for us to report to eBay or to warn potential buyers about!
    Please be 100% the items you post are counterfeit.
  2. Great idea!
  3. I don't trust this seller either. I brought this bag here to show how sophisticate a replica can be. So, besides all of those obvious details like serial number, tag, dustbag, zipper pulls, seller feedback, etc... we also need to look at quality of craftmanship, Chanel alignment standards, etc..

    IMO, the quality of new series bag is not as good as those in the '90. Fortunately, hologram card is still hard to fake.

  4. This lovely POWERSELLER has the balls to list a pink cambon w/ a starting bid of 990 .... and it has pink lining !