Fake Chanel on Saks Employee?!?!

  1. OMG. I was at Saks today, and I noticed an employee getting off shift. (Idk whether to take lunch, or what) but she walked out carrying a Chanel Cambon petite tote, and it was white on pink. I have never seen a white on pink chanel..ever. I was amazed that someone that worked at a department store like that would carry a NOTICEABLY fake Chanel. I would be sooo embarrassed! Just thought I'd share the atrocity..
  2. Maybe she works in a non-Chanel, non-designer area and has no idea about stuff like this? :shrugs:
  3. Yar, maybe it is not intentional?
  4. Or maybe she does not care? Or maybe she thinks it's a laugh? Karl Lagerfeld does not care. Afterall, a Chanel bag is not cheap. So maybe this lady prefers to spend her hard earn money on buying some nice things for her family?
  5. Yes, hard earned money should be spent on ones family. This still doesn't make it okay to carry a fake. You had to know that no one would agree with this practice here on the purse forum. Especially in the Chanel forum talking about a fake Chanel! Perhaps she could use her money to buy a nice less expensive non knocked off handbag.
  6. I would worry about what else is fake around her. Is she selling fakes and passing them off for real?
  7. Oh, I thought they all had to carry clear handbags.
  8. Haha, yeah, maybe she thought it was like a statement "LOOK! I actualy sell and handle these atrouciously expensives and yet I CHOOSE to get a fake even though I can get a discount on a real one". :confused1:
  9. Here's your chance to bite me -- why pass judgment regarding someone carrying a fake. Who are we anyway? Chanel lovers who to help each other find pieces, offer support, etc. Take a second and acknowledge our blessings. When I see a fake, my mind says fake, period.
  10. why would someone bite you?
    Most of us agree to blantantly carry around an illegal counterfeit is a bad idea. . . some people here obviously don't:shrugs:
    I think it's extra unethical to carry into a store where you work that sells the brand you're carrying a fake of.
    She didn't stone her or anything, just brought it back here to discuss.
    I still appreciate my blessings:yes:
  11. Ok.

    You have your views and I have mine.
  12. I agree! Fakes, no matter how cheap they are, are wrong. She should have spent that money on a less expensive brand.
  13. Hey hey, let's not be too quick here. Could have been an Ugly Betty situation!! :shrugs:
  14. Uh--what's an ugly betty situation???
  15. Maybe we should focus on the core of the situation, counterfeit bags, watches, DVDs. The fact that they get into the country and are sold -- and worse, consumers purchase them without thinking about the ramifications and broader scope. It's more than tsk, tsk, SHE'S got a fake or what a fashion faux paus.