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  1. Hi, everyone this is a fake CDC Hermes bracelet its a very bad one and being sold by a huge powerseller that must know its fake

    I feel angry that so many of us have restrictions placed on us eg list only every 30 days which is allowing the huge powersellers like this to knowlingly list a fake

    It closes in a few hours I have reported it but no doubt they will not pay any attention to me, can you help by doing the same


    the link
  2. This "seller" is a drop off business.

    Perhaps they aren't aware that this is a counterfeit.

    Did you email them?
  3. I think most people know that Hermes items do not sell " embossed leather cheap leather at that", when they list they have to click to confirm that they know its authentic if they do not have that knowledge they should not list.

    So many good sellers are now restricted to listing one item every 30 days the big guys are taking full advantage of this

    No I am not mailing them I did this once, and the seller got hold of my home address and phone number and I had to call the police in ( turned out they were a lunatic they had stolen my photo's of my handbag Ostrich Kelly and tried to sell it on E bay)

    Pls think of the poor person who is going to be scammmed out of so much money and report it.
  4. The seller is selling a ton of Hermes :faint:

    http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes-shopping/authenticate-this-hermes-302467.html OP, maybe post it here and be sure, then ask them to report it as well!
  5. I authenticate on the H thread thats how I found it, did not have time to look at the other items as I am supposed to be working ( aggggh)
    Just sometimes I think I really do waste my time trying to help, I only do it to try and stop other people being ripped of like I have been in the past

  6. I reported it too. It is never a waste of time. If you can help even 1 person avoid the heartache of a fake then good for you!
  7. Thankyou, its a worry because I do not like the look of one of the H bags they are selling too.

    I will post that bag on the authenticate H thread and hope some other members will chip in on it

    I know for sure the CDC is a horrible grotesque fakee
    thankyou again
  8. Response from seller:

    This item is 100% genuine and our client has the original sales receipt, she is one of Chicago's largest Hermes Clients. We made a mistake stating it was embossed leather when indeed it is genuine croc
    Thank you
    Edropoff Express Staff

  9. no way is that an authentic cuff!
  10. Listing has been removed.
  11. I am thinking of purchasing a Chanel from this seller... oh dear.. so he/she is not reliable?
  12. Post the listing on the AUTH THIS CHANEL thread and let the girls there betetr advise as to the bag you are interested in.
  13. I already did.. waiting for one of them to authenticate it... Just makes me a little worried that this seller might be selling fake stuff...
  14. Better be safe than sorry.. sue you can find this bag from a reputable seller

    It's just not worth getting into a SNAD and than everything that goes along with

  15. hotshot.. you have a point. I might pass even if it is authentic
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.