Fake CARLY's everywhere.......

  1. Yesterday, my 16 yr. old daughter and myself took a quick trip to the mall for her get a few things with her Xmas gift certificates. We went in at Macy's, to Victoria Secret, to American Eagle and back into Macy's to go......during this brief trip we saw 9 Carly's and only one was real.....8 FAKES....all khaki sig with black or brown trim. All showed C's, not G's or O's.....the C's were completely off center and the metal hardware said COACH on every possible space.....just sickening....even my 16 yr. old commenting on how pitiful this was.
  2. I saw one of those (that said COACH on every piece of hardware) at a festival in October. My boyfriend LAUGHED, haha.
  3. I've noticed a lot of them too! Carly is WAY too big for me, personally, but I LOVE the bag so I always notice them! Lately the only ones I see are FAKE!!:throwup:
  4. Yuck!!!!!!!
  5. Ugh. Fakes are so gross. I've commented before about how I never see ANY Carly's around fake or real (apparently they're popular everywhere but where I live), but the other day at the mall, I had my first mall Carly sightings! It was exciting (haha) since I never see them. I was wearing my black sig Carly and I saw someone with a gorgeous red leather Carly and then someone else with the chocolate sig Carly (all real). I've been contemplating selling my chocolate Carly since I haven't been wearing it as much, but after seeing her wearing it and how great it looked, I changed my mind! :smile:
  6. Maybe they all went to the same purse party. ;)
  7. I don't understand why people carry coach fakes. Like do they just NOT care?? They look so disgusting. The C's are hienous and the leather is grody. mmm I guess I'll never know.
  8. thats so sad
  9. I think in all my adventures I've only seen 3 or 4 real ones. The rest are always fake.
  10. I was out at Red Robin which is in our mall and I saw a lady waiting to be seated carrying a GOACH carly. Then we were up at PinkBerry after and I saw another lady carrying a fake LV. :throwup:
  11. ugh the fake carly's are everywhere and they're pretty heinous looking. but that makes every (real) carly sighting THAT MUCH more exciting :smile:
  12. I think the ones I see in my town are all real since there's a Coach store & a Macy's right in our town. I see SO MANY though, some have to be fake. I feel bad looking for too long because I don't want people to think I'm inspecting their bags, haha. I wish not so many people had them in my town, otherwise I would get one!! It loses the appeal when I see them on EVERYbody :sad:
  13. anything fake is yucky. I also see fake carlys all of the time.