fake burb for my dog

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  1. Does anybody know where I can get a machine washable synthetic cashmere burberry scarf?

    My dog is getting older and is still not housetraining well so I was refered here: www.bellybands.com.

    They said they could make me a custom belly band from whatever fabric I choose and I'd love for little Tobin James to have some burberry to mathc his mommy and daddy.

    I was intending to use an older cashmere scarf and just consider it a hand-me-down but the people at making it say it should be a machine washable fabric.

    anybody have an idea? I'd really love to make him a cream nova belly band and maybe a black/red supernova or something.
  2. Are you asking about where to get a fake Burberry scarf to use? If so, this is not the forum for you...

    Why not purchase an authentic cotton Burberry t-shirt and use the fabric for this?
  3. Aw, your dog deserves a little luxury, too! Don't make her wear a fake... Although I'm not swimming in designer goods all the time, my dog only gets authentic collars and clothes... Sometimes the Burberry outlet has dog stuff.

    If burberry is a bit pricey for you, why not try coach? The outlet often has collars for $30 and sometimes has dog sweaters for close to that.

    Hope this helps! I bet you could call the outlets, too, to save yourself a trip.