Fake Box leather bag???

  1. I was wondering if anyone has encountered a fake box leather bag on eBay. I was thinking that box would be hard to fake since my SA told me that H takes their time selecting the best leather for box, i.e. void of blemishes.
  2. ^ yes, I've seen them but not very often. :smile:
  3. I've seen them too. The bags tend to be in bad shape and they pass them off as vintage.
  4. okay, thanks. there are a couple on there now and they look pretty good, I think.
  5. Please be careful. I second HG's opinion, that a lot get offered as 'vintage' and the seller tells you that 'in those days' faking was not yet discovered (yeah right).
    Besides, it is only an expert's eye and the test of time that can tell premium from inferior quality in leather, so I don't see why Box shouldn't be faked. The only reason that I can imagine that it is not seen that often (at least not in Birkins) is that the faksters produce what they think makes money for them quickest, and that would be Togo.