Fake Botkiers on Ebay?

  1. I was looking at the listings for Botkier Medium Olive Bianca's on eBay. I just want to see if there are fakes of these on eBay so I can be cautious. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  2. I saw those as well and was going to leave a post asking about it too! i like the medium black bianca..i think they are from the same seller!
  3. I'm not an expert, but from the pictures provided, it looks just like mine.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Im sure there's fakes of Botkier..:sad:
  6. certainly there are fakes of botkier..actually one of the today's green suede botkier seemed fake to me
  7. I'm not a Botkier expert, but the first one you posted in your last post is from a trusted eBay seller. I've bought from her before and it was a pleasure all round.
  8. The one who's username is SunnyRayz?