Fake Botkier on Ebay

  1. Hey Duranies!? Are you guys related in some way? LOL
  2. im just curious....how do you know the first one is fake?
  3. Am I wrong? It looked so fake, I think pictures were added after I wrote that. Yeah duranie and duranie70 are the same, I think at work I looked once and wrote duranie and when I later rejoined forgot, that user name..had no idea the computer remembered...It just looked like an I-offer job. I'm really trying to broaden my skills on botkier fakes since I really like them and want a collection. :smile:
  4. im no expert but as far as i can tell it appears to be ok...the authentic article card seems ok and it has a purple string. maybe its not tho? any botkier experts out there?
  5. I think it looks good, I have a black fan bag (bought at NM), looks the same! I think it's real gals!
  6. While I'm no expert, I have a couple of botkiers (not the fan bag) but it looks pretty good to me so I think it's real.
  7. I f-ed up. When she 1st posted it, there were just 2 pics, I saw all the hardware covered and immediately thought of Ioffer. I feel bad, wish I could erase this thread.
  8. I think you can edit your own posts and delete the links if you want to.
  9. Or maybe I'm wrong. It seems I can only edit some of my posts. Maybe after a certain time frame you can't edit?