FAKE Black Sig Carly....

  1. Hi all,
    A client of mine called this morning and wanted to know if she could come over and show me her NEW Coach bag....and of course, being the Coach lover I am I said, SURE!!! She also knows about my fondness and lovely Coach bags in my collection. So in she walks with her new 'Carly' in blk. signature....well, I immediately told her it was fake (I can tell her this) but...you know I have to admit...other than the gold, metal hangtag....lots of Coach lovers may have thought this one was real....'C's were all lined up and mirrored each other, solid color interior and even the stitching was fairly well done. Now, to be clear I detest fakes but this one would take folks like us here to tell it right away!!!! I took a shot of it just to show you all. She told me she did not know it was fake but she was OK with it and then told me she paid $20 for it.......really burns me up....and she got it at a flea market.
  2. The turn buckle on the side shouldn't be squared off on the top like this one is, either. The real ones aren't flat on the top like that. More rounded really.
  3. wow! other then a hang tag, this is almost the same as my bag! i wouldve had a hard time telling them apart i think
  4. That is scary....other than that COACH hangtag, it would pass my "quick glance" inspection. :amazed:
  5. Yup, I noticed that and the hangtag right away. Other than that though, it does look pretty close....yikes! That's terrible....
  6. Usually fake coach bags are easily identified. I don't think I would be able to tell the difference.
  7. You probably would be able to tell if you looked at the pattern long enough
  8. LOL. And the fact it was only $20 didn't clue her in that, just maybe, it wasn't real?
  9. Exactly! $20 at a flea market - um, I think that pretty much a dead giveaway of a fake.
  10. i can see the "leather" alogn the sides looks kinda loose and plasitcky
  11. Ugh i work in the dean's office at my school for 1 period and today was our first day back to school. I got my signature medium black carly like a month ago, and I'm sure the secratary in there noticed. I come back in today and the secratary had a large black fake carly. The stiching was freaking red and the hardware was all wrong. I feel kinda weird having the real thing and I'm 17 and the Secratary having a fake and she's in her 50's. I'm sure she knows its fake and doesn't care, but it's kinda annoying.
  12. Oy, look at that hangtag... :push:

    But without the hangtag, I'd have to look twice. The C's don't look right either.
  13. I posted this on another thread but my friend went on a cruise and bought a khaki/ saddle Carly in Mexico. She knew it was a fake and didn't care. I have to say it was very convincing. One thing I did notice though some of the hardware rings say Coach.
  14. That's very close, and unless I actually was close enough to her to see the details, from far away I'd assume it was real.


    It may be the picture, but the most telling thing to me is the stitching. They seem "wobbly" at points.
  15. If you look closely at the stitching, you'll see it looks off (as someone said, the "leather" looks too plasticky), and if you look at the "turnlock" on the side, it's a fake brass (probably plastic) thing, and underneath it says "Coach." I've seen way too many of these fakes on eBay. Yuck!