Fake Birkins on Amazon.com

  1. Amazon.com: Hermes 35 cm Birkin in Blue Jean: Everything Else

    The bag in question is clearly a fake. The rest of the pics of bags he has listed are stolen.
    I have written to Amazon.com via the feedback option at the bottom of the page and asked them to take this seller off. Maybe if a couple more people support my quest we might be successful! Thanks!
  2. :wtf: That's not the only set of photos that person's stolen. Have you seen their other items?
  3. YES!
    That is why I asked Amazon to remove the seller, not only the items.
  4. that's horrible......
  5. i just sent feedback on this also...
  6. Ick!!
  7. I Just Sent Feedback As Well
  8. I think those selling fakes on ebay and Amazon should get persecuted !!
    They are cheating !! :cursing:

    That said, howd you tell the 35cm blue jean birkin is a fake ?
    Oh, I'm hopelessly clueless. The bag looked fine to me:shrugs:
  9. Same here on the first pic I was looking for the fake part but couldn't find anything....
  10. Regardless of how "good" a picture looks, it is impossible to find an authentic Birkin for that low of a price. Since the pictures are more than likely stolen, it wouldn't do any good to examine the pictures the seller has posted. So unless the Birkin is being sold by one of the recommended sellers on our forum list or at the Hermes shop, I wouldn't even bother.