Fake Bbags on ebay

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that ebay has been bombarded by fake bbags from China recently? Just an observtion...it is annoying to look through all of these fakes in search of the few authentic listings....
  2. Yes, this drove me CRAZY this morning so I reported every one of these sellers. There are six sellers in Beijing, China, and they are all selling about 20 bags each (give or take a few bags on each side for each individual seller). The item description is the same for all of the sellers and it looks like they are all sharing the same pictures too. And all of them have exactly 10 positive feedbacks, left from the same members. It is disgusting and I hope eBay pulls their auctions andn revokes their member status!

    For anyone who is interested in authentic bags only (which would be everyone on this forum), it is nearly impossible to wade through all the crap. eBay needs to put an end to this, stat!
  3. seriously it is getting ridiculous! and the new crop of superfakes really terrifies me too... they are getting really good. check out this one - 6858006122

    makes eBay a minefield!
  4. That's great that you took the time to report these dishonest sellers. I hope ebay does something about it, and fast!!!
  5. Thanks. It took a little while considering that there were basically four pages of fake bags, and I didn't want to miss any of the sellers. Once I got the basic form of the e-mail down I was able to cut and paste it for each seller, changing the seller's name and the number of fake bags up for auction. I hope eBay does something about this. This particular ring of sellers seems extra suspicious to me. Why would you post over 100 fake bags at the same time with an auction length of only one day? Upon a quick glance, there does not currently appear to be a single bid for any of these bags. It's glaringly obvious that the bags are fake, but the starting price of the bags are all EUR 0.99, which converts to USD $1.18. Very odd.

    The auctions that really make me angry though are the ones for superfakes. I think some people looking to purchase a b-bag on eBay look to the price to determine authenticity. Of course the bags that are priced super low are all fakes. But when sellers start pricing their bags below retail but still high (like in the $400 to $800 range), things become trickier and people who don't know what to look for are more likely to fall for the scam. The principle remains the same whether you are ripping someone off for $5 or $5,000 though: it's immoral and illegal. I don't understand how sellers can do this and still be able to sleep at night. Disgusting!
  6. so I guess you guys noticed it too! I was surfing last nice when I discovered them, and they were so annoying to filter through. Ugh....! I reported one person, I didn't know there were several.
  7. I agree. Also the "used a few times" auctions, where the item is a superfake. I guess they've figured out this makes the listing look more convincing.
  8. I mentioned before that in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore etc), no one knows what a real Balenciaga is anymore cos there are so many fakes around and EVERYBODY has one! Its disgusting. I went to the Balenciaga boutique in Singapore once and complained to the SA that fake B-bags are everywhere and have cheapened the name of the bag, and all he said was "You just have to be confident when you carry your real bag" - frankly it wasn't enough. The company should do some serious eradication work.
  9. That suck! It is already hard to find an auth one....They should stick their sales in Aisa and stop selling craps to the US oversea!
  10. Sadly, it's the tourists that buy them take them home and sell them. :sad:
  11. O.K now why don't they buy some real ones home and sell them...:evil:
  12. I dont even try to find new listed bags on ebay in general anymore, just go directly to the favourite sellers I trust. And the marketplace here, of course!