Fake Balenciaga =( I need help please!!!!

  1. I almost cried when I received a fake white classique from ebay. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: This purse is ridiculously fake, the silver paint is peeling from the hardware!! I tried to negotiate a refund with the seller but he refused to give me my money back. So I turned to paypal (seemed like the only thing I could do) and filed a claim that I was sold an imitation balenciaga and want to be refunded, which can be possible if I do everything indicated in the letter from paypal below:

    Dear Marie,

    We are currently in the process of investigating your claim:

    In order to continue with the investigation of your complaint, we must
    request documentation to support your claim that the item is not authentic.
    Please obtain a document from an unbiased, third-party, such as a dealer,
    appraiser, or another individual or organization that is qualified in the
    area of the item in question (other than yourself), which clearly
    identifies the item as not authentic. If possible, the document should
    include a serial number and description of the item, and must be on
    letterhead that includes the name, address, and phone number of the
    individual, business, or organization so that PayPal may contact them if

    The documents should be faxed to PayPal at (402) 537-5760 (please note this
    is a United States phone number, if you are faxing from outside the United
    States, you will generally need to dial 00 1 before the number). Please
    include a cover sheet with your fax that includes the email address
    registered on your PayPal account and the ID number of your claim
    (PP-169-910-418), so we may attach the documents to your claim as quickly
    as possible.

    We must receive your fax within 10 days from the date of this message in
    order to proceed with the investigation of your claim. If we do not receive
    your fax within 10 days, your claim will be cancelled. We are unable to
    grant extensions to this time period. Please note that PayPal is unable to
    reimburse you for any costs or fees that may be incurred in obtaining the
    requested documents. Any documents you provide may also be supplied to the
    seller in your dispute if necessary.

    Thank you for your cooperation and patience. We regret any inconvenience
    this request may cause.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Protection Services Department

    I received this letter today so now I have exactly 9 days to fax confirmation that the bag is fake. I live in the san francisco bay area. Does anyone know where I can get written proof that the bag is fake or know someone that's qualified to do this? You ladies have been so great! Thanks so much in advance! Any help will be appreciated. :smile:
    p.s. sorry it's so long.
  2. ohhh I'm so sorry for you hun :cry: - not sure who can help you - probably Saks/Neiman Marcus/Barneys storeperson if they're willling? Otherwise as a last resort, just remember than you could always attempt a chargeback by contacting your credit card company!!
  3. There is someone who does auth. for eBay a lot. I don't know her name but a lot of the girls here do.

    Also, if you paid by CC they will bypass Paypal and get your money back.

    Don't worry!! You'll get the money back!!
  4. does 'dudeiloveyou' still authenticate auctions?
  5. OMG!!!! what was the auction number hon? so that we'll stay away from the seller...
  6. i think she doesn't do it anymore...
  7. you could try emailing dudeiloveyou from ebay (not sure if they still authenticate). Otherwise if you are in SF try calling your high end stores that sell them and see if they'll do it. Next, I would call BalNY and find out if they have any suggestions to help you (tell them you only have 9 days left).
    I know that Coach is really helpful to customers when they get a fake...maybe BalNY will be the same.
  8. what's sad is all those people praising him for his bags! *sigh*
  9. Angie at www.mypoupette.com authenticates bags. She started with LV but has expanded to authenticate most high end bags. You will need to send the bag to her and there is a fee. Ebay does recognize her as an expert authenticator. Please log on the website and there will be more info. Let me know if you need any help.
  10. geez, i can see he's sold other fake b-bags before & had a 94% feedback rating :censor: ...that would have been the danger sign for me...i'm sooooooooooooooo sorry this happened to you girl :sad: ...if you paid by credit card, i'd definitely fight it with them!!!
  11. This happened to me with a fake Cartier piece. I had a friend who works in a jewelry store (not Cartier) write a letter stating the differences between the fake and authentic. It was not very fancy and Paypal accepted the letter. Good luck.
  12. OMG! I'm sooo sorry to that this creep did this to you! :sad: You will get your money back! Did you pay via paypal with a Credit Card? Contact your CC immediately--they will work faster than paypal. Then, maybe go to NM and see if the Manager in the handbag department can authenticate for you. Also contact dudeiloveyou or the other person mentioned (was it Angie?) who is recognized by Ebay to authenticate the bag(in case they don't accept the NM manager's letter). Just in case, fax the NM letter so you have some proof sent in right away until you get it authenticated by the mypoupette/authenticating person. Stay calm, but act fast and be persistant. You will get your money back. This person scammed you and he thinks he can bully you into accepting what has happened. Good luck to you...
  13. Hi
    Did you call Angie at mypoupette? I am sure she could help! Let us know.
  14. sorry you have to go through this ordeal.

    if you paid with your credit card through paypal, it might be better to file a chargeback with your cc company. one of my friend filed with paypal but only received a certain percentage of the total amount(?) whereas the cc company will credit you the full amount for sure.

    best of luck to you sweetie:flowers: