Fake Balenciaga bought help needed urgently!!

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  1. Good afternoon all,

    I am new to purse forum and urgently need your help. I have just bought what I believed to be a genuine Balenciaga bag from ebay and paid using cheque not my usual method of paypal, as the seller did not accept this type of payment.

    The bag arrived Item number 320225752196 and is a fake although a good one. The giveaways that bag is fake are the zippers, trim of the bag, material, serial number not matching on the front and back of the bag and the bales - thank heavens for the bales.

    I have opened a dispute with the seller but she claims it is genuine. As I paid by cheque - I am not automatically covered for buyer protection.

    I have contacted the Balenciaga boutique in London and they refuse to get involved as they said 99 percent of items on this site are fake and I took a risk purchasing my bag from this site!!

    On the ebay site there is a link to descriptions of what to look for in fake and genuine bag and this has confirmed that the bag is a fake. http://cgi3.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=luv2shop-hate2spend

    However ebay needs proof from the manufacturers of the bag - is there another way that I can get this if Balenciaga will not cooperate?? Or what else can I do to get my money back from this seller??

    many thanks for any advice and information that you can provide. I will also upload pics of the bag later
  2. If you need proof that the bag is fake, I would try one of the authenticating services like caroldiva.com. My poppette has been getting some poor reviews lately. Is there anyway you can stop payment on the check?
    Sorry to see that you bought a fake. Next time, make sure you have it authenticated here. Even with the pics shown, I can see the bag is fake (and I'm still learning). There is an excellent reference library for Balenciaga here and it is well worth your time to read through it.
  3. Hello,
    Welcome to the purse forum.

    I checked that listing and yes that bag is a counterfeit.
    All authentic bags have black thread above the silver plate on the leather tag.
    Also many counterfeiters use the letter "c" on the silver plate.

    Aklein gives you some good advice. It is time consuming.

    It can't hurt to email the seller and just ask to return the bag because it is a counterfeit. Maybe she will be more afraid of a negative feedback regarding selling a counterfeit and you can bypass the filing.

    Can you take better photos, clear close up photos of the silver plate, back of the tag and the hardware, then post on the authenticate this thread in the balenciaga section. The ladies there will tell you exactly why it's a counterfeit. http://forum.purseblog.com/balenciaga-shopping/authenticate-this-balenciaga-248255-692.html

    Good luck

  4. I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with this. The nerve of the seller to try and insist that it's authentic. Makes you want to scream I'm sure. These ladies have given you good advice. I'm sorry that I can't help, but wanted to show support.
    Good luck
  5. Hi, krissc and a warm welcome to the Purse Forum.

    This sounds very similar to a situation I was in over 24 months ago. I also bought a fake Balenciaga from eBay and I, too, paid with a cheque and the seller dug her heels in and said that she had sold me an authentic bag. But don't worry. Did your heels in too. Do not give in and take this to the small claims court, if your need to. I did and after 18 months of a battle, I won and was awarded costs and the money back for the bag. I have now agreed with the seller that she pays me back on a monthly basis - so far, so good, but if she misses a payment, I will have the bailiffs seize property from her home. This might sound a bit severe but I was not impressed to be robbed of my hard earned cash. Keep us posted and keep focussed. Don't give up!
  6. So sorry you got taken by this fake. (the low price is a tip off here: as in if it looks too good to be true, it is!!!!) It really does pay to check out bags on the authenticate forum, but I guess you didn't know about this at the time?? Now you do, and I wouldn't buy off Evilbay without checking here first with the link to the bag you are considering purchasing..
    In your current dilemna, I would say tell the seller again that it is a blatant fake and that you will definitely leave her a neg as well as report it as a counterfeit to ebay. Unfortunately, another bitter lesson you've learned - do not use anything but paypal with a CC to purchase, unless you know the seller and they are trusted, authentic seller.. You have much more recourse to refund your $$ through paypal and/or your CC company.. checks are pretty much a goner as far as I know, but maybe you will get lucky with a refund. Let us know what happens. :flowers:
  7. The only thing I can repeat here is to take ask for more pics before bidding and authenticate. It sounds as though you know how to tell if the bag is authentic anyway.
    You may have to go on at the seller a bit. Without the paypal protection you may have a tougher job. Good luck with it
  8. You could try sending the bag to Balenciaga 'for repairs or maintenance'. Since it is a fake, it will probably come back to you with a letter explaining why the item cannot be repaired (counterfeit). The risk in doing that is the obvious, that the bag may be confiscated but again they will have to provide you a letter concerning why can't be repaired or why item was confiscated. Once you have your proof you can provide the manufacturer's proof eBay is looking for and file (sue) for your money back in court if the seller won't cooperate.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  9. oh, am so sorry this happened! do you live in the same country? If so, i would head straight to the police station.
  10. so sorry it happen to ya... let us know what the outcomer..
  11. I would be persistant with the seller and with ebay. You have the right not to be ripped off. The seller may relent. Good luck.
  12. That's terrible! Has the cheque been cashed?
  13. I hope you get your money back, so sorry this happened to you..but you are here on tPF, so that's a step in the right direction - many knowledgable and helpful people here :yes:
  14. krissc78, I am so sorry this happened to you, aklein's suggestion of trying caroldiva would help you in this situation! This also happened to me 5 months ago, I called Balenciaga Paris and USA, they wouldn't help me, I also tried out local Balenciaga where I am from, and they won't do anything to help either!!:cursing: They gave me some BS that because I didn't purchase the bag from them , they can't help me with it!! Maybe you can try consignment shops in your area? Some of them might provide this service? I know how frustrating this can be, but hang in there! Good LucK!
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