Fake Balenciaga and shipping costs - advice please

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  1. I have recently sent a so-called City Balenciaga back to the US, which I bought from Authentic Discount Designer Handbags and Apparel including Gucci Handbags, Prada Handbags, Burberry Handbags, Bags, Scarves, Wallets, Bikinis and More at Low Prices at MyDesignerBrands.com and which, upon its arrival, was blatantly a fake. The company has refunded my purchase price, but is stalling on shipping costs of approx. $95, since I'm insisting that I'm paid both sale and return costs. I'm sure that it's not legal to ship counterfeit goods, but if they don't pay up, who should I contact to put pressure on them? The bag was shipped with USPS and came through both US and UK customs.

    Any advice would be really appreciated. Many thanks

    PS to cheer myself up, I've just taken delivery of a beautiful Marine City, bought from Harvey Nichols to ensure I got the real thing. The 2007 leather is to die for!
  2. gosh, i'm soooooooooooooo sorry that happened to you lizzie :sad:...i'm not sure who you can call about fighting the shipping charges, maybe the USPS or your CC company (?)...i know it's illegal to send counterfeit items thru the USPS & you should remind them of that...congratulations on your new marine city though :love:
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  4. (I don't know what i did HERE) but did you pay by paypal or another cc? If so you can go through them and file a claim on ship charges. It is internet fraud to sell fakes. When it says AUTHENTIC it has to be just that. It is really a bummer when this happens and a hassel. It just happened to me. I should have known better. When it is too good to be true it is just that too good to be true! You should get all your money back. You purchased under the assumption it was AUTHENTIC.
  5. Yep, I would start with my CC I think.
  6. Many thanks. Yes, I did use a CC and so will, hopefully, be able to claim costs this way.
  7. You should be able to !! This was not your fault in anyway. You were buying because you were told it was a authentic bag. I am working on a same situation myself. I don't know how sellers can say AUTHENTIC when it is NOT! Sometimes it is hard to tell in pictures and or is it the same bag you bid or did a BIN on. Anyways it is on the way back and I want it all back due to being mislead. Good Luck. A hassel but worth fighting for..(the next bag!!)
  8. ooo poor lizzie! Hope you get it sorted soon :heart:
  9. Wow! What a total bummer! Have you posted the website on the "A place for Fakes" thread? If not, definitely do to hopefully stop others from buying anything from these creeps!

    Good luck getting your shipping $ back!!
  10. We definitely won't buy anything from that website!!! Sorry this happened to you and I hope you get the shipping fees back too!!
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    Are you sure? The pictures aren't enough to authenticate.
  12. take a look at this sub forum. they deal a lot w these situation. you may want to move this thread there, they are very helpful
    file w ur credit card, dont delay.
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    This thread was started 1/07??
  14. hhahaa, i didnt realize that
  15. This is an old thread and I am sure it has been settled. Closing. Thanks
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