Fake Bake

  1. Hey, i dont know whether its over in the USA or not but if so what do you think about Fake Bake false tan?
    Ive heard its the best out there at the moment so off i go out today to buy some... come home, bathe, exfoliate the works and go to put it on! well i was there for about 2 hours! literally, im sure it'll turn out lovely and a sunkissed tan but my god was it worth the hassle... and now to annoy me further ive got a blooooomin mosquito bite on my arm so i cant scratch otherwise streaks here i come :crybaby:

    what are you fake tan tips then anyone please?

    thanks x
  2. I am a light skinned African American female and I really wanna self tan myself, but I'm afraid of how it's going to turn out. I know Beyonce tans and I want that slight tanned, just left the beach look.
  3. urgh i got up this morning and washed the 'black bits' off my skin where it stayed darker and guess what! instead of a lovely golden tan>>>> IM PALER than i WAS!!! ARGH!!! it cost a small fortune for fake tan too!

  4. I've also had it turn a icky color if the tube is older. And it turned the skin an icky color too. I recommend St. Tropez so much more.
  5. Yes.. St. Tropez is the best! :love:
  6. see ive tried st tropez and its just not worked on me either, im pale skinned too so it should at least show up!! the tube is brand new also so it wont be the fact its an old tube! argh im so angry by it, i spent hours and hours doing it last night for it not to work and leave me with black patches... arghhh
  7. I use Sublime Glow by L'Oreal. It's subtle and works quite nicely. I like it a lot.
  8. Yer, ive used this before it gives you a shimmer doesnt it, its lovely but it all washed off the next morning i was really gutted because for the first time i managed a gorgeous golden streak free tan and it goes lol
  9. Did you try another layer of the fake bake? I am really pale too (MAC NC15) and want to try fake bake as I have read that it is better for pale skin than st tropez. I have read some reviews on fake bake and it seems you have to apply the colour nightly for 2-3 nights running at first for your colour to develop. Then you apply it weekly. Did you put it on your face too or use something different for that area?
  10. well the second time i applied it i used the spray we got off the internet site. It was better, alot better and lasts longer and tbh would probably look good when applied over a few nights, i just couldnt be bothered with it all. I have had people compliment me on my tan the last few days though and its definately out the bottle, so yer go ahead but the cream is hard to apply well i found it hard. On the website you can get a gel or spray, the spray was handy but runs out quite quick but it was a gorgeous colour on my face, i didnt wear foundation for about 5 days
  11. Oooh! That sounds good to me! I'm really pasty white and sometimes even the lightest shade of foundation looks too dark on me. I wouldn't use sunbeds but fake tan is my best option for being brown. It's weird, cos when I was little I always tanned really easy!?
  12. chloe! me too lol and now it takes ages for me to brown'n up! i go red reaaaaally easy but brown, no!
    hint, keep applying it for the couple of nights because when in begins to come off the whole world knows youve got fake tan on, it comes off all patchy :S my foot is AWFUL!!! and leg has gone really streaky :S