Fake Bake Sunless Tanner

  1. has anyone tried these products? either the lotion or the mousse? the winter blues have been getting to me lately and i was looking for a really good self-tanning product. i looked at the reviews on MUA and most people seem to like this line, but i thought i would ask the girls here what they thought. TIA!
  2. I have used it and love the lotion for during the summer! It really makes you dark in one coat--a nice, olive dark. I have lighter skin and this looks totally real; like I spent a few days frying poolside! Downside--it does take awhile to dry, so be prepared to hang out naked for awhile!
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  4. I had questions about this too. Has anyone used the Fake Bake Body Polish before or the Smoothie Oil (as the Fake Bake site reccommends). Just wondering if regular exfoliating and body lotion wouldn't work just as well as the Body Polish? And if the Smoothie Oil smells as good as it sounds?
  5. I've used it once and it turned out streaky for me. But I'm not a very good self tanner applier though so that may be the reason LOL.
  6. Have you considered trying the Mystic Tan??