Fake bags...

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  1. Today I went roaming around local plazas.

    There was surprisingly a PURSE store with alooot of people in there.

    It's so bad to see FAKE COACH & DOONEYS!:crybaby:

    Why! WHY!!! I got to touch and feel all of them.....they certainly LOOKED real enough, but feeling it wasn't near anything real.

    They sold those fake bags for about 50-80 dollars.:wtf:

    I had some girls glare at me...or was it my real gucci? :Push:

    Sometimes seeing these fake bags make me feel like its not fair on how I ( we) pay for quality & couture, while others can pay nearly less than 1/2 price for looks of a replica.

    Does anybody else feel me on this?

  2. Another member once said "some people arent into quality". Dont let it get to you, its their business and although their bags may "look the same" they are far from it when it comes to quality. Personally, I dont care. Its their business.
  3. actually it's back to us. i'm a graphic designer and i put high value in creativity and i appreciate an authentic handbag.
  4. I think the glare was your authentic Gucci. It's unfortunate that they fake everything now, but 90% of the time the quality just isn't there.
  5. The feel and the quality makes all the difference in the world. The fake bags will look worse and be falling apart in the not so distant future. These people are getting what they pay for, in my opinion. Peggy
  6. What?
  7. I saw a fake LV that had a "patina." The bag was in terrible shape though.
  8. I used to not care so much about replicas but then after seeing the very ugly and bad replicas of LV all over the place, I have to admit that it ruined LV for me. One of the reasons I stopped carrying authentic LVs is that I don't want to be mixed up with the people who carried the fake ones, although I still have to say that the main reason I don't do LV now has to do with the bad attitude of the sales people there.

    I don't think buying replica is necessarily cheaper than buying authentics. Replicas fall apart easier and you have to replace them more often, whereas with authentics they hold up much better (they're suppose to anyway) and you can always take them back to the source for fixing and refurbishing. I like the warranty.
  9. The thing is a lot of people don't know anything about designer and replica and fake, and they just think it's cute or whatnot. That's kind of sad to a person who knows about things like this, such as myself.
  10. I don't really get that. There are good quality Non designer bags out there & some of them are cute. Why do people go for replicas? Is having a certain logo that important when in reality it's a sign of deception!
  11. i think for certain people, carrying certain brands shows their status in society. i dont know if this makes sense.
    but you are absolutely right OMBags, there are a lot of good quality non designer handbags out there.