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  1. This is probably one of the dumbest questions to ever be posted on this site, but I was wondering why people go crazy about the idea that people buy fake bags.

    If people can't afford it, then I think they deserve to buy something that is similar in look to the actual thing.

    But hey, that's just one college student's opinion.

    /edit/ I actually changed my mind after reading what cutiepie21 wrote... I am new to this site, so I didn't know that this was discussed already and that it can possibly support terrorism, so I take back what I said.

  2. Hi! I think a lot of people don't like fake bags for what they represent. I know a little while ago there was this big discussion about counterfeits supporting terrorism and child labor... stuff like that. I think what bothers people most is when others try to pass their fake stuff off as real.

    BTW- I see you are a student! I just started a thread about who the students are, which school they go to, and what they study! Be sure to post in it! :yes:
  3. I don't know how many times this has been said. You can buy nice handbags quality (original) ones that don't cost alot, without having to buy a fake. People do it we know but it doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. I prefer saving up and having something I know is the real deal then have a huge collection of handbags that represent many bad things and one last simple thing they are illegal. IMO
  4. I just don't think it's right to pretend to have something you don't. I don't know why "it's expensive" is a justifiable excuse for getting a fake. If you think a real purse is not worth the money.. then don't buy it. If you can't afford it.. save up and then get one. The good things in life are worth waiting for :smile:

    I'm crossing my fingers that this doesn't turn into one of those ugly yelling-screaming match type threads .. :tender:
  5. Woww, I feel pretty stupid for saying what I said before. If it promotes that kind of stuff, I'm pretty sure that I'm against counterfeit items. :blink: Some of the closest friends that I have lost their family members in the attacks in 9/11... :crybaby:and I see how hard it is to cope with these issues.

    I actually did post in the thread already! Thanks!
  6. I don;t know what the big deal is either- I guess it is a "status" thing.
    I deliver to alot of offices and there is this guy that comes along in a big van FULL of knock off LV, MJ, Dooneys, Coach, etc. He sells them for about $60 each. AND you will not believe all the ladies that are down there BUYING like crazy!! ANd these are ladies with decent jobs working for the State, Real Estate agents, etc. I personally do not believe that selling fakes contribute to child labor, terriorism- IF so where are the facts? And if people are so concerned about child labor/terriorism, etc. Why are you spending so much money on a bag when you should be donating it for those causes?! I admit that I spend ALOT of money on bags, shoes, makeup, clothes, etc. But I am not sitting here in judgement of ladies that buy fake bags.....I am not sitting here saying oh shame on you for buying a fake bag......or you are helping terriorism......I am not saying people that carry fake bags are just as fake as the bag they carry. If you want to carry a fake SO WHAT??!! PS I own a fake LV and I wonder if osama bin laden is the one that made the 4 year old child make it?
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  14. Nobody here will link fake purses to the attacks on 9/11. It is a matter of fact that most of the companies producing counterfeit goods employ low-cost labor, many children as well. It's also been reported that many of those operations help fund (local) terrorist groups. I am too lazy to dig up some links, it's on this board somewhere.

    All this aside, faux bags are illegal counterfeits. My stand on the issue is... either save up and get the real deal, or don't support fakes. As mentioned before, there is many companies producing high-quality bags at affordable prices, there is no need to go fake.
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