fake bags....

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  1. we seem to be becoming experts at spotting fakes here, so i just though i'd share the ending of a post i read on popgadget.com which is kinda funny/sad
    "I'm reminded of a return flight from Melbourne where a nice lady from the midwest, on her way back from visiting her daughter in Australia, misunderstood our New York destination as a holiday. "The absolute best place in Manhattan," she counseled, while pulling out a trapezoidal bag with a Kate Spade label "is Chinatown. They have designer outlets there! This cost only forty dollars!"
    "Beautiful bag," I told her, not having the heart to set her straight. Sometimes fakery wins."
    .......people should know better but still nobody shoudl be conned out of their money.....

    along these lines i had a roommate in college who had a "speedy 25" or so she claimed with new leather on the side trim, ancient handles, and almost a green monogram canvas.........hate to call somebody a liar but this girl stole from me, ate all my food, walked all over me and generally was just an unpleasant person but living with her was entertaining......everytime i saw her march out that bag when we woudl go shopping on fifth avenue, and the looks she would get from LV sales associate....made living with her all worthwhile....
  2. That is amusing; should people know better, maybe?

    My mom asks me how much my Chloes cost (mind you she does not have the internet); truth is I did not have the courage to tell her how much my Antrhra Paddy cost ($1720- OUCH). Based on the info I gave her she thinks that it is an $800 seasonal/novelty (as I put it) bag; if she saw one for $300, she might think that it was on sale.
    Not everyone has access to the information we have; therefore, they truly can not know better.

    (as an aside I was honest about the cost of my Silverado ($1280), and she said, "Oh that makes sense, the black bag (referring to Silverado) has much nicer leather and is better constructed than your flashy Chloe (as she put it)."
  3. I'm surprised at the animosity I have for fakes and the people who buy them. My mother has a friend who is generous and kind to me, and who travels to China 3-4 times/year to visit her daughter. Each time, she sends back boxes full of fakes which she lavishes on her friends. There's no profit motive, just a good-hearted person doing something very wrong. Before she goes, she always asks me what I want, and I say "nothing" and when pressed ask for something "typically Chinese," instead of hurting her feelings by criticizing her. But honestly, her actions pain me so.
  4. i used to not have a feeling about fakes one way or the other until i got my first authentic. now when i'm around people with fakes it bugs me. my sister-in-law and i went to lv one day, and i had my popincourt haut, she had a fake (HORRIBLY) pochette and I was so embarrassed, even though the SA knows me (she sold me most of my bags). i know some people don't know the difference but i don't know...
  5. This is kinda how I am too right now. I didn't know anything about designer labels until last year. I was dazzled by these "purse parties" and loved the kate spade shapes and patterns that I bought some. I then subscribed to top button and one of the issues featured a kate spade sample sale and the link to kate spade's site. I didn't even think about going to the kate spade website until then. My eyes popped out at the prices. I asked a friend and she told me that the real ones cost much, much more and no real purses are sold in purse parties. So I switched and bought the real thing last year.

    I won't ever buy a fake, that's for sure. As for others, it's their money and it's their choice. Some of them are really clueless like my boss (a family man). He saw my Coach bag and told me that he knows somewhere that I can get it cheaper. Where? In NYC chinatown. :worried:
  6. After reading so many articles about how the children who make the fakes are so poorly treated (and how terrible outsourcing and globalization are in general), and how damaging the fake industry is to the real luxury goods one, I can't stand it when I hear people say "I'm just going to get a fake until I can afford the real thing" or "I just like it for the design/print/whatever on it" or other things along those lines. It is not fair to the original designers that people are out there bastardizing their creations and misleading a lot of people. Sometimes I can't help but confront people in my classes and stuff about their fake purses because they try to brag about them and trick people. I don't know why I take it so seriously but I think that fakes are terrible and I could probably preach for several hours about it. I should probably stop typing before I get too worked up, so instead I will say that I am so excited for American Idol tonight!
  7. A friend of my aunt went to the LV store wearing a fake bucket. 'The gatekeeper' made her stop, and called over a SA. She had to give the fake to the SA, who told her she was very lucky they wouldn't call the police, because what she was doing was illegal.
    She was totally not aware of the fact she was carrying around a fake, but still...
  8. Whoa! They actually do this to people carrying fakes into the store? :nuts:
  9. I have heard that LV does this, but I haven't actually heard a story of it happening to someone until now. That poor lady, she didn't know she had a fake. I'd be so embarrassed :shame:
  10. That's friggin awesome! I wish they did this more often!! :nuts:
  11. Yes, idd, so they should! I felt sorry for my aunt's friend as she wasn't aware that it was a fake one (she got it from someone who went to Turkey, and she's not so up -to -date with handbags :amuse: ).
    But I don't think a lot of people go into 'the real stores' carrying fakes. (unless you're completely ignorant or completely foolish).
  12. Well yeah, the looks you must get not only from the SAs but also from the shoppers in the store !!

    I saw a girl walking around the handbag section of the Holt Renfrew Bloor Street store in Toronto and she was carrying the most hideous fake cerises bag ever ! The shape of the bag was like a mini sac hl, but only a little larger, and it had the large cherries that were on the runway bags. I really wondered if she knew it was a fake, I would never be caught dead with something like that !
  13. A few year ago for my birthday and after years of hearing me talk and drool over a Fendi bag. My wonderful loving 78 year old father showed up with the most horribly fake Fendi bag ever made. Then the old dear insisted we all go out to dinner him, my hubby and me and that awful bag. That night to (my shame now) I complained to my husband about that stupid bag and said I would give it to the Salvation Army when my dad left. However I strapped that puppy on and wore it until he climbed back into his 1987 Caddie and drove off into the east. That was and is my only fake handbag, I still have it in the top shelf of my closet and when ever Dad came to see us I’d pull it out and tote it around while he was here. My wonderful Dad passed away on Dec 23rd 2005. I’ll never get rid of that bag.
  14. Yep. All Louis Vuitton stores will do this now.

    It actuually happened when i was in a store in Australia. The girl in question had a horrible fake multicolore speedy. (the ones with like 5 colours on them :sick: ) and the SA said she had to take it off her because it was illegal for her to carry it around. The girl looked at her and said "Fine i've got five more at home" and tried to leave. But they wouldn't let her and called the police and everything. It was quite crazy!
    I can't even believe someone would knowingly walk into the store with a fake bag in the first place! Especially the feral 5 colour fakes. I hate them!!
  15. That is very sweet of you to have worn the bag around him and that you kept it :biggrin: My dad and stepmom bought me a fake LV Speedy 25 (unknowingly) for Christmas, and I kept it. I'll never get rid of it, because I know they had the best intentions in mind when they bought it, but they just aren't familiar with LV and handbags in general. I bought myself a vintage Speedy on eBay the next week with my Christmas money.

    I am sorry to hear about your dad... but thank you for sharing that story.