fake bags

  1. there is a member posting fake bags and trying to pass them off as real. there is some discussion about it in the LV section and i dont really think its fair but i didnt really know what to do.
  2. Have you reported it to the Mods- John, Addy?
  3. If this happens PM John or Addy with the links to the specific posts and they can take it from there.
  4. please report this to a MOD immediately.
  6. What is the link (or links??) I would be happy to take care of it!
  7. cherry pie, please PM me with the info and I will take a look...

    If we think the item may be fake, based on what we can see, we will remove the pic(s) and PM the OP. Sometimes though, it may be very difficult to be 100% sure due to lousy pics, etc. and we may contact the OP and ask for more pics.

    Let me tell you first-hand that some people get very ticked off at me for requesting additional pics be provided to confirm authenticity.

    I shall do what I can. :yes:
  8. i have PMd the member to alert her to what people are saying and reported the post as possible fake bags.