fake bags.... would you get it if the bag comes in a color you just LOVE in?

  1. would you get a fake bag if the bag comes in a color that you just LOVE LOVE LOVE?

    but that color was never made for that brand.

    and the bag is a logo print bag, so people will know that it's that brand-name bag.

    would you still get it? kinda like how Paris Hilton carries fake bag just 'cause she likes the style and color.
  2. no way.

    Also, I don't want to be ANYTHING like Paris:yucky:
    Her carrying ILLEGAL counterfeits is disgusting.
  3. ?
  4. ?

    hmmm i 'm guessin my post doesn't make sense?
  5. Hell no! I don't care what color it is, fakes suck!
  6. No fakes here. :smile: I don't care what it looks like, b/c all fake bags are completely unattractive to me.
  7. No thank you.

    And I don't want fake boobs either. *s
  8. No way!:push:
  9. Fake is still fake and illegal is still illegal. And carrying a bag in a color that was never made would make it scream that it was a fake anyway. Who would want that?
  10. This is what I would do. I would buy the real deal and paint it the color of the fake bag before I would buy the fake bag. :supacool:
  11. Hey, that's interesting. Anyone ever dyed their bag another color?
  12. I just cant stand TM infringement. Now, may a truly "inspired by" bag, hmm, I dunno... but boo on crime!
  13. there are TWO things i won't fake...and a bag is one of them...
    heh heh heh...
    : )
  14. If it was a really nice and expensive bag I'd be too scared to dye it! Even if a professional dyed it how do you know that the color will turn out? On eBay there was a MBMJ bag that from far away was an ok-looking dark pink color. On closer inspection you could tell that it was weird and the dye had bled onto the lining a little bit. The person said it had been dyed professionally but who knows.

    As for fakes...no way! I'd rather get a cheap one from H&M or Target...you can always find nice colors from legal sources.
  15. Fake bags and style? That's an oxymoron :p