Fake bags on other LV forums....

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  1. Okay, I just recently joined another bag forum and could not believe the amount of fakes I saw. The pictures were not taken down either! People were praising the fake bags saying they were beautiful etc....

    Basically what I'm trying to say is that I was so annoyed by the people trying to say their bags are authentic that I don't think I will return.

    tPF is THE BEST ONLINE PURSE FORUM! I just want to thank the Mods for doing such a good job making sure fakes are not allowed on this forum. I have been a member since 2006 (had a different name then changed because of email address). I love this place!

    Sorry about the rant.
  2. tpf should add a "like" button like facebook!
  3. lol! The "like" button on facebook was an awesome idea!
  4. im hitting the "like" button on this comment too...lol!!
  5. Agree, we shouldnt encourage fakes! They are everywhere..
  6. there are several fakes posted in the celebrities with LV forum lately, i assume the poster doesn't realise.
  7. please always report posts that contain pics of fakes please :yes:

  8. :yes::goodpost: :yes:
  9. I too love TPF because the mods do a great job of taking down any fakes and rude people. :heart:
  10. Our mods here really do an oustanding job! :ps: