Fake bags galore!!!

  1. I was with Kyliereese today enjoying the beautiful day at Fillmore st. and saw these fake bags in front of a day spa. Our immediate thought was " We have to take pictures for TPF!" :lol:

    Here's a Jasmin, Birkin and a Venetia :yucky:


    A Stam :ninja:

    And another Hermes. Hideous :sick:
  2. hahaha. the last bag would actually be cute if it wasn't copying a birkin.. :yucky:
  3. Hey pursegal- I bet you two had fun! hehe- I would have run down to the Hermes and reported them: I've always wanted to see a "bust" :roflmfao:
  4. Were those bags actually for sale or were they just part of the display? Are you allowed to showcase fakes in public like that? You should have asked how much they were selling the bags for? It's always interesting how much they charge for fakes.
  5. ^^^ They were for sale but didn't look at the price. I didn't mention or include the name of the business, it's actually a good day spa :biggrin:
  6. oh no, selling fake stuff.. gosh, not good... they could get into lots of trouble for that..
  7. i've seen so many stores that sell fake bags.. and the owners claim they are real! sigh.... all this work to be fake. i didnt realize how much the PF has affected my opinions on handbags.. but i get mad when i see people blatantly carrying a fake and act as if they are real. grr!
  8. Lots of nail and hair salons do this too. I never noticed it until one was at a register when I got my last haircut at a salon (two eyars ago).

  9. my coworker goes to a hair shoppe that sells the most hideous LV knockoffs :sick:

    they had them right by the register too :yes:
  10. Unfortunatly,they can get away with it if there isn't a Mark claiming that they are brand name. It is terrible, but all they have to do is change one feature (like the lable, for example) and it is not considered "fake" but rather "inspired". :mad:
  11. That's true, but if you look carefully at the pic of the fake epi Jasmin, you can see the little LV in the corner just like the real one has. If it was an "inspired" bag, it wouldn't have the little LV. It would be plain or have some other letters. You can't really call this one inspired. It's just plain counterfeit. :rant:
  12. You know what is so funny, I was walking in the mall and there was one of those kiosk in the middle and it had all sorts of fake purses. As I walked by, my friend offered to buy me 10 purses and I yelled no way they're fake! The sales person actually asked me to be quiet because some people don't know that!!! Feel sorry for the people that don't know!!!!
  13. Next time you see such a thing at the mall, bring it to the attention of mall management that by allowing such illegal activity to take place on their premises, they are setting themselves up for all kinds of legal trouble.
  14. You guys are good. I still wouldnt be able to tell the difference esp. from those pictures. How can you tell the Jasmin is fake?

    I feel bad for all the unknowing woman who buy these bags thinking theyre getting the real deal. The majority of the forum always looks down on woman who carry fakes but the problem is - some of them just dont know.
  15. I agree....some people just don't know that they are carrying fakes, and think that they are getting a great deal.

    Those pictures are funny. I wonder what the shop owner was thinking when you were taking the pictures...maybe that you were the purse police?