Fake Bags Can Have Silver Linings!

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  1. Guess what happened to me? Last month I discovered (via the incredible ladies on the Balenciaga forum) that the Cognac City my husband bought me for my birthday was a fake. I was horrified.

    A few days later, a retired model friend I told recommended an acquaintance of HERS, who wanted rid of a black Balenciaga City. The only problem was, the City had no shoulder strap, no cards, mirror, dustbag etc. On the one hand I was excited, on the other hand I was afraid of giving a home to Fake #2! So I hesitated. And then I asked the redoubtable ladies on the Bal forum what they would do in my place. The general consensus was, 'Be careful! This bag might be another fake, but if it works out, go for it!' They suggested I post pics, but I couldn't back then as I had not even seen the bag at that stage.

    I hesitated for another while, bought a Dolce and Gabbana bag in the meantime, and decided to leave purchasing a City until I could get one from an authorized retail outlet in the UK or France (where I'll be going in the summer months).

    Fast forward to three days ago. After another couple of conversations with my ex-model friend, I decided to (sort of) take the plunge with the strapless City. It turned out that the seller was also a model, albeit a much younger one than my friend. Like my friend in the past, this girl received quite a lot of freebies after fashion shows. Like my friend, she often assisted with charity fundraising shows which were usually sponsored by high-end stores and local businesses, both in the UK and Ireland. Anyway, the seller agreed to let me have the bag (no strings) in order to have it authenticated. If I didn't want it, no hassle. The bag, (which I saw for the first time on Thursday) was absolutely gorgeous, and nothing like my fake. Nevertheless, I scuttled off to have it authenticated in person. It turned out to be an 04 Black City, and in immaculate condition!

    The seller had already told me that she had only worn the bag a couple of times. I got the impression she had never been that keen on it. But the most amazing aspect of all this was that she was willing to sell me the bag for 100 euros! I think her view was, 'This cost me nothing, so I'm not that bothered about making much money off it!' Not surprisingly I have now bought the bag.
    But I still can't believe what just happened to me.

    And oh, I found a generic detachable shoulder strap in a leather goods store.
    And all because of a fake bag! I now want an Alexander McQueen skull scarf to dangle from the stunning City! Has anybody else had a 'good fake bag experience?'
  2. I posted this here (instead of the Bal sub-forum first) because I like the Handbags and Purses sub-forum. It has something for everyone. But I might post an edited version of this later in the Bal sub-forum! It's been an amazing week!
  3. Congrats! So glad this worked out for you! Enjoy your new bag!
  4. Thanks so much, shop2drop! I am still on cloud nine!
  5. oooh that's awesome! Congrats!
  6. Wow! that is so fun, it's like winning the lottery! good karma came your way ;) Congrats!!
  7. And that reminds me, I forgot to check my Lotto ticket!
  8. Great story! Nice to have friends like that.
  9. wow! congrats on an excellent find! enjoy your new bbag!
  10. Congrats, and post you pictures. :tup:
  11. I remember how sad you were about the fake brown City, heather. :sad:
    You managed to score a great bbag now, though! Congrats! And for a total steal. A 04 City in good condition would go for more than retail on ebay. Plus yours has a fashion story, wow!
  12. Wow! That's quite an amazing story. So glad that it all worked out for you. Enjoy your new Bal!!
  13. When I can finally settle down, I'll post some pics. I hate using my husband's digicam though as it's so temperamental. Also, I'd like to wait for the skull scarf addition!
  14. aww, yay! I'm so glad everything worked out for you. post pics so we can :drool: too.
  15. That is fantastic. I am so glad it worked out in your favor! What a lovely seller.