Fake bags being sold on campus - who do I call?

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  1. This made me kinda mad, but none of my friends really understood my issue with this - but you guys do!

    This weekend is my college's big Spring Fair, where there are lots of vendors, and food, and rides, and general happiness. This year one of the vendors was a *fake bag* seller - he had a ton of stuff out (and the most popular stand!) - one thing that stood out to me, he had a terrible-looking fake Cerises Sac Plat, ick, but in any case...

    I know selling fakes is bad and illegal, so I assume that he being there is probably not a good thing. I don't know who to report this too; I even got the guy's business card (he's available for private parties and fund raisers, apparently). Who should I call? Does LV have a number for reporting this kinda thing? I have this guy's name, email, and phone from his card...

    Ick. I'm just so disgusted. I signed up to help clean up, so my friends and I helped him load all of these giant bags filled with fake bags onto the vans after the fair. Ick. It felt so WRONG.
  2. omg. i hope you report him asap. good luck!
  3. Awww. I am so sorry that you had to witness such a terrible thing, and help load fake bags onto the truck to clean up! I don't know who you would call to report this man. Hopefully someone on here does..we need to take out these fake bag makers, one by one.
  4. That is illegal and not acceptable. You can call 1-866-Vuitton or your local police department to file a claim.
  5. There were knock-off bags at Nordstrom last summer and I called 866-Vuitton on the store! Luckily, there already was a case pending. Went back a week later, they were gone!
  6. Actually the police locally have jurisdiction there, so call them and give them the info. People often go to jail for that kind of thing and he will be fined and have to pay restitution. I would definitely report it. He wasn't someone just selling like a yard sale of his own belongings, that was definitely trafficking of counterfeits. You know he had to have had those mailed also- so that is also mail fraud.
  7. What kind of knock off bags in a Nordstrom???

    I saw knock off Coach's inside a Target for almost full retail of real Coach. Disgusting.
  8. Where were the illegal Louis Vuitton bags in Nordstroms?
  9. ^^ Nordstroms?! I find that hard to believe...
  10. No frickin' way!:wtf:

  11. :wtf:

  12. :wtf:
  13. OMG let us know how it turns out! gross
  14. Eww you had to help put the fakes away ...call the police!