Fake bags at a rummage sale today :(

  1. I went rummaging with my mom this morning and one of the garage sales we stopped at had 3 different fake purses at it. There was a Louis Vuitton, which looked brand new, a Gucci that was really torn up, and a Coach. the price tags all said "make offer" like they were worth something... I called the woman out on it and asked her if she knew it was illegal to sell fakes and she had the nerve to tell me that they were authentic! They were not good fakes, girls. Seriously!

    I wanted to offer her a quarter for all 3 just so I could burn them to get rid of them... but my mom was a tad embarrassed so I just left it alone.

    Some people though......

    Just had to vent about that... I know you girls totally understand! :smile:
  2. Eww, fakes just make me soo mad! The nerve of some people... :rant:
  3. Haha, that's so great that you said that to her!!! Good for you!!!
  4. It's a loss-loss. These fakes are bad for the economy, yet burning them probably isn't the best thing for the environment.

    Use them for planters? Or as a trash stash in your car? HAHA Kidding.