Fake Bag

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Someone, forgive me, I forget who, posted a great website that offers these bags for sale..


    So Hilarious! I love it!
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol: That's FUNNY!!!!!
  3. :d
  4. Oh, I love that!! :nuts: :lol::lol::lol:
  5. That's funny but would you actually carry it around or would it be for a prank??
  6. lol! That's hilarious. I'd carry it as a prank, I would love to see the reaction I'd get from people.
  7. I'd carry it! Hi-larious.
  8. I would carry it if they had a clutch, definately fun to wear out to a club!
  9. It's a dutch company and I think they're around the 50euro mark! Don't think I'd wear one though - lol
  10. hilarious :P
  11. I think it's great for someone who's politically outspoken.
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