Fake Bag...What to do?

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  1. Hi everyone...I recently bought a bag off of ebay that turned out to be a fake. :sad: I contacted the seller and she seemed to be very cooperative and willing to correct the situation (she had received the bag as a gift and didn't really know much about it). She asks that I send her the bag and she will confirm the authentication before sending my money. That doesn't sit well with me, but from her perspective I can also understand why she wouldn't want to send the money until she has the bag back. So what do I do, open a claim and send the bag back? What exactly happens with a Paypal claim, does that count as a negative against the seller or something? I'd feel bad, but I gotta protect myself here. Thanks ladies!!:flowers:
  2. what make of bag is it? maybe you can take it to the store and get a note on letter headed paper that it is a fake? makes copies and scan, send one to ebay and one to her? i'd keep the original...

    lets be honest now, if she would like to receive it back to confirm authorisatrion that its a fake why didnt she do that before she sold it, i mean if she garunteed authenticity she is obviously going to get more dollar for it on ebay right?

    its all a bit fishy to me, i'd run after her with a long stick and beat her silly. sorry. Contact ebay, contact paypal, keep in contact with her.

    hope things work out for you.
  3. I would get proof that it is not fake, either here or at a store that sells it.

    File a dispute thru paypal and do not send the bag back until you get your refund.

    That is what I would do!
  4. I once (unknowingly of course) bought a fake Vuitton on ebay and tried to contact the seller as it was 'money back guaranteed' but the seller was no longer registered (it was a scam) when I contacted him/her :yes: but I filed a claim and received my money back from Paypal.
    As far as the seller is concerned, quite frankly, who receives gifts like designer bags and don't know if they are fakes? You know if the person who buys it for you is to be trusted and can afford it or not. I think the seller probably knew. "It was an unwanted gift" is often used to sell things the seller doesn't really want to people to ask the origin of, IMO.
  5. Just file the Paypal dispute straight away, it may scare her into giving you back the money straight away. If not Paypal will ask you to get the bag proven to be a fake, don't send it back to seller until Paypal instruct you to do so and always send back with trackable means with a signature.
  6. I'm agree with others that you should go ahead and open a dispute before you send the bag back to the seller. That way Paypal should freeze the seller's acct so you are ensured that the money will be there when she gets the bag. And as suggested, make sure you send the item with delivery confirmation, or, even better, signature confirmation. Keep the DC or SC receipts for proof of mailing.
  7. Thanks for the advice all! I will go ahead and start with the dispute...
  8. Sites like mypoupette will authenticate items too. Hope it works out.
  9. From my experience, it's fake...start in with paypal asap. Also, if you paid with credit card cancel the charge asap. Lastly, tell them you will give them a terrible rating if they don't cooperate now.
  10. Absolutely. Opening a dispute doesn't have to be unpleasant, a simple note that this is the easiest and most efficient way to process the refund can take the sting out of things.
  11. I'm in the middle of a dispute as well with an EBay vendor and have been told that I will probably have to have the bag authenticated. Seriously, why would a store want to help someone who purchased a bag online? Wouldn't they just say "hey you bought it somewhere else!" I can understand a place like mypoupette.com authenticating bags because they are paid to do it. Any thoughts on how helpful store are with this? And yes, file a Paypal dispute right away as your time is limited to do this.
  12. I know I am sounding like a "wuss" but I would find taking a high-end purse to a store or boutique to get it authenticated would be very embarassing. I think alot of Vuitton stores will not authenticate any more also and even if they did would they give you something written on their stationery??? Perhaps they have to protect themselves from lawsuits too now.

    It is bad enough to have been duped by a con artist on eBay and then have to keep re-experiencing more humiliation again by trudging from store to store to get the "stupid" thing authenticated.

    I guess waht I am saying is I woudl pay a service like My Poupette. It is unfair you have to pay more but perhaps that would help you to get your money back.

    Oh I am so sick of the scammers on eBay. It used to be so much fun. Now it is all a big hassle.