FAKE BAG... what do I do..?

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  1. Bought a fake bag on ebay. LONG STORY.. someone recommended by a friend who obviously has no clue. Bag has been deemed fake on TPF from auction photos. I have already PAID for it w/ PP, bag has been shipped, should arrive WENS.
    I have already emailed the auction site to Carol for a letter.
    SO.. what do I do in the meantime...? Should I go ahead NOW and open a PP dispute BEFORE I even receive the bag?
  2. I had an issue with a wallet that eas deemed fake by tPF and on the ebay forum itself, so i filed a pp claim with item not delivered, even though it had been shipped, then filed a the same with ebay, then I contacted the seller and told them it was fake and how I knew and wanted my money back. However, I had to wait till I got and then I had to mail it back at my expense, but I did it through pp and with tracking, which then I let the seller know, and he said as soon a he got it he would refund minus shipping, All correspondence was done through pp. He got it, refunded my money, I agreed with the response to the claim with ebay and we both I gave positive feedback for the communication and resolving the problem and he gave me good feed back also. This just the last couple of weeks and just ended. The seller was really good about replying and getting it resolved. I hope this helps, but I would not wait to file, I would do it now and then contact the seller telling them it's fake and you want your money back. i hope it works out for you.
    Thanks for letting me put in my 2 cents
  3. Thanks for sharing your 2 cents! Did you have to get a non-auth letter from anyone?

  4. No, didn't know I needed one. I stated where I had it verified on tpf and used the ebay forum itself where they talked about that particular wallet coach 6k13 -6k10 being fakes. The seller didn't give me any problem once I sited my sources. Ebay did contact me after i filed the claim with them and asked if I had tried to resolve the problem with the seller. If you don't get results, you have escalate the claim before the 20 days or they will close it. So at one point I told my seller that per advise of council and Ebay I wanted my money back period. I didn't get nasty, but let him know I meant business. I also went into the ebay forum and posted what happened and who. I got some good support and advise. Hope this helps.
  5. Yes'm.. it does... I shall post on the ebay forum next. THANK YOU
  6. I'd wait until you have the bag in hand then you can file it snad
  7. If nothing else, I felt better after I had got all the filings with pp and ebay and then all the posts on ebay and also in the tpf authentic section giving them an FYI of what happened for anyone else to beware of that seller, so they wouldn't get caught also. The most important thing is the communication with the seller. If they do not respond within a couple of days, email them again. if you have not had any response, escalate the claim. My seller came back to me every couple days. However, Ebay will ask if you tried to contact and will offer to give you the info to do so, but I didn't need to. Make sure all your communication and any shipping is done through pp. It's all documented that way. If by phone, make sure you document it also. Keep track of the time so it doesn't run out or you wont' be to escalate the claim.

    Take care and chin up, it's not fun, and don't back down ! I am sure you paid good money for your bag as I do and it's wrong to be swindled.
  8. I think that I would just wait until I had the bag in my hands before filing the dispute....just in case. What if the bag never arrives? Then you have already filed a SNAD instead of item not received. Good luck, I am sure that it will all work out for you.
  9. hmm hard one, i think i would indeed file a claim now and email the seller that you want it refunded. :smile:
  10. The bag was shipped fed-ex and must be signed for. Do I HAVE to accept it? I really do not want to as then I am in possession of counterfeit goods AND I will have to ship the bag back somewhere.. BOTH of which are illegal! What do you think?
  11. I don't know about that, but you should read the thread "Paypal wants fake Chanel bag" it's very interesting.
  12. Ebay has cancelled the auction and says I no longer have any obligation to purchase. But I already PAID... now what??
  13. If that's the case, then I would have to believe that PP would refund your money. Have you tried contacting eBay or PP about this and see what they recommend?

    I wonder what would happen if you did refuse shipment?? :confused1:
  14. I have talked to PP about my claim. They are investigating and have to CONFIRM w/ ebay WHY the item was removed. NOTE THIS... the item is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow via fed-ex, signature required. PP said that if I REFUSED the package then they WOULD FIND IN FAVOR of the SELLER due to my refusal. PP advised that I ACCEPT the package and then contact them as to what to do with it.
  15. I guess maybe if you refused delivery, PP has no way of determining it's a fake. IDK. I wouldn't open the box until you speak with PP to confirm that it's OK to do so.

    Their rules are just weird.