Fake bag, threatening seller...beware of PUGLUVCENTRAL?

  1. I bought a bag from ebayer pugluvcentral and it was fake. I tried to contact her to tell her and all I got was threats, accusations, and simply rude behavior. I just don't want this to happen to anyone else. The auction number was 120164156247 if you guys want to check it out...I'm mainly heartbroken cause I really wanted this bag!!!

    Here's the email thread starting with one of her rude responses....

    What kind of scam or con are u trying to pull? I just forward this email to eBay. Because - there is no reason why I would pay a postal worker. What u r asking is unethical. Now, I feel u r sending fake bags back. And r scamming.

    You just stated u r just not happy with the items. Well, then - NO refund - as stated in the auction because of the nature authenticity. They r authentic & u just prove to me u know that. Get them clean, the zipper fixed & re sell them yourself. It sounds like u need the money more than I do.

    I sent your emails to eBay. I am not refunding - since now I know this is a scam. No one asks for something so unethical. Deal with it yourself. You will be hearing from eBay with 24 - 48 hours. As it stated in the auction - NO REFUND. I am standing behind that now!!!

    Darlene K
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    On Oct 11, 2007, at 11:45 PM, Uma Okumura wrote:

    OK...I really don't want this to get any uglier or fight any longer with you. My being new to Ebay, all I really do care for is a smooth transaction. I understand the feelings that you must be feeling. Believe me, it was never my intention to be accusatory and I really wanted to resolve this in the most equitable manner possible. The simple fact is that I'm not happy with merchandise that you sold me. Merchandise which you can, in turn, resell to someone else for a profit. I request that you write an email explicitly guaranteeing that you will issue a refund in the amount of the full purchase price plus shipping. To insure this, the item will be sent cash on delivery. You will have the chance to examine the item and pay the mail carrier directly. This way, you can be sure you're getting the tem back and I can be sure of the refund. It's unfortunate because I really did want this bag, and it has been discontinued for several years now.​

    I hope you find this email agreeable because I really don't think it does any of us good to continue fighting. Let's just resolve the issue at hand.​

    Thank you.​

    Darlene K <
    Oh please stop the crap. If u were an attorney - u would be buying from the actual LV store. I am an audio engineer & thats what I do. ​

    I called my friend at the store I deal with - she pulled my account to get my numbers - RETURN both ~ TWO bags PLEASE. You do know when u have an account with LV - if u really worked there - Special RICH people r taken care of. So, are there accounts that r on file.​

    My reputation will not be tarnished on ebay. SO, stop your crap throwing!!! Its only ebay - I have my own business online. Ebay is only ebay. ​

    Those BAGS are AUTHENTIC & if u did work for LV - u would know where to look for the serial numbers. LOL!!!!! SO, like I stated STOP lying & threatening because u look foolish & ignorance!!!​

    I would not be caught dead with a fake!!!! If you were an attorney - u would know how to spell - fraudulantly & definately. ​

    Plus, my attorney would blow your career right out of the water if u try to bring a fraudulent case against me. See how that word is spelled. You make me laugh out loud. Thanks I needed that tonight!!!​

    Darlene K

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    On Oct 11, 2007, at 9:57 PM, Uma Okumura wrote:​
    Thank you for getting back to me. The reason I purchased this bag from ebay is simply because it is no longer available, being that it is from 2002, you should know this. I will be sure to return the SAME bag that was sent to me, although I don't know what on the bag could be verified on a receipt. Anyone who purchases from Louis Vuitton would know that serial numbers are not listed on the receipt, only skew numbers.​

    Like I did say before, you can rest assured that I will return the exact same bag that was sent to me. Pictures have already been taken matching the bag you sent pictures of (which I kept and documented) during the transaction. Additionally, I do keep detailed documentation of everything that has transpired with regard to this transaction.​

    In the event that the bag is sent back and I am not refunded, legal action will be taken in the most expedient manner possible. I am a licensed attorney with the state of Hawaii and will not hesitate to take these measures on the shear fact that I do not condone or advocate the sale or ownership, as well as fraudulent misrepresentation, of such items. This comes with my stance as an attorney and an attorney formerly employed by LVMH.​

    I have faith that your professionalism will prevail and you will come through with a full refund. No complaint has been filed with Ebay and your reputation will remain untarnished as long as the refund is processed to my satisfaction.​

    If you should have any questions, please contact me as soon as possible​

    Darlene K < wrote:
    On second thought - RETURN the BAGS & then I will refund the money. They better match my receipt numbers!!!!! If there do not match & the bags you send back r not authentic - I will not refund the money. Its that simple!!!!

  2. WOW :wtf:

    What a...

    B I AAA T C H
  3. OMG! WHat a psycho seller!
  4. Considering she didn't sell much of what she has had listed the last few weeks ~ she probably hasn't even got an attorney on retainer... Looks like she owes him $$ according to her listing...

    What goes around ~ Comes around... :roflmfao:

  5. the seller needs a chill pill n a shrink
  6. If you paid with paypal, just file your claim and stop trying to deal with this nut. Make sure you have a source for an inauthenticity letter, because they will request it. You don't need to accommodate her.
  7. So rude. Are you able to report her to ebay yourself?
  8. Thank you sooo much everyone...I really felt violated and kind of angry at the whole thing. I felt rather helpless as well. You guys give me hope...and some info on maybe taking some action rather than dealing with her myself....Again, everyone...THANK YOU !
  9. I did leave her some negative feedback on ebay
  10. Also....just wanted to apologize, after the fact, for such a long long long post...I needed to get it out of my system.
  11. Sorry, I thought I'd already replied to this? Was it posted in another thread?

    I looked at the auction, and although there is only one picture, I think the bags look ok? As you have the bags now, could you take some pictures and post on the "authenticate this" thread, so some of the experts could have a better look? I'm pretty sure the date codes for these bags should be 2002.

    No excuse for the attitude of the seller though.

  12. Wow!
    What an ordeal you had to deal with this crazy person..
    Hope you will get your refund..
  13. wow she was pissed !!
  14. This woman sounds like a nutjob, I hope that you filed a claim against her on eBay. That's the best way to make sure you get your money back.
  15. I've seen that you did post this on the "authenticate this" thread,and it looks like it was authenticated as ok?

    Why do you think the bags are fake?

    I've seen the pochette before, and it should have a date code leather tag on the inside. I'm not sure where the date code on the other bag is.

    Once again, no excuses for the sellers attitude, but I'm not sure why you think the bags are fake?

    Good luck