fake bag story

  1. this has never happened to me before, but I've heard other dealing with it and wanted to share my experience

    well, summer is here and I took out my gucci horsebit hobo with the floral canvas design to use. I was shopping downtown and was at this store that sells shoes that range from $100-400+ in price (cole haan, stewart weitzman, taryn rose, etc.) So nice spendy shoes.

    Well, I bought a pair of TR shoes on sale (still 200) in price and the shopowner commented on how pretty my purse. I was, of course, please and said Oh thank you. And added as is my way. "It's a gucci." Well, her reply was, "Oh is it fake?" :wtf: :wtf: I was totally thrown off, I mean how tacky?! My reply, was "Yes." But now, I'm thinking I should have said, "well unless they've started selling fake guccis at the gucci store it is."

    then she said to me, "Oh I would never buy fakes. Even if it means saving up, I want the real thing." Ummm okay....Just too bizarre

    the whole story reminds me of a work colleague who owns (real) LV, gucci and chanel purses. however, she really isn't too much into design and history of her purses. She thought her LV (a daminer) was made out of silk material. Well, someone asked her how does one spot fakes. And her reply was anybody with payless shoes, must be have a fake purse. I was a little offended by that as I do shop at payless from time to time.

    Maybe that shopowner had the same theory, because I was wearing some payless shoes with my gucci1 :p

    It was definitely one of those what can you say moments...
  2. :roflmfao:

    But honestly HOW RUDE :wtf: I would have probably smacked her :nuts: but thats just me :yes: ;)
  3. :censor: lol.. how rude...!!
  4. I wouldn't have bought the shoes, since she probably gets commission from them. That's so rude!:rant:
  5. i actually thought that was kind of funny..
    the girl was rude - but i thought it was funny that it happened..

    I have grown accustomed to not getting easily offened about things like this - simply because there are just too many ignorant people - well and also the fact that I am from Hong Kong dosen't really help either, because we have easy to access to Shenzhen - which is like the paradise for all designer imposter items...

    but really, I would have said - "good bye" and walked out of the store.... I would ask my friends whether they are carrying fakes simply because I know them and we are just mocking each other in a sense.... otherwise I wouldn't say it to a stranger - and a customer!
  6. That is sooo rude! I would have smacked her too!!
  7. That SA was rude, no doubt about it but why did you tell her it was a fake? Anyway, if someone has to ask if a bag is fake...you know they know nothing about bags! So, whenever someone offends me by asking if my bag is fake, I smile and tell her," When you appreciate fine handbags and the different designers...you'll be able to spot a fake from a mile away." I'm actually (in a nice way) telling her that she's ignorant and her comment really made her look silly instead of being insulting to me.
  8. I find it really difficult in those circumstances - if it's real they look at you as if to say posh cow and if it's fake they judge you. You can't win! I once had a really embarassing episode in a shop when I was carrying my Luella Giselle - before I knew it, the SA had called practically everyone in the shop floor to look at my bag and I felt so embarassed. I didn't carry it again for ages after that.
  9. if someone asked if my bag is fake, i'm gonna say..

    "oh definitely! it looks like a bag, but it isn't! it's actually a hammock!" or something as ridiculous as her question... hee hee

    .. but that's just me...
  10. If you said, "It's a Gucci" then why would her first question be "Is it fake?" That's absurd. If you are comfortable admitting it's brand then how would that question ever be an appropriate followup?

    You should have said it was obviously real to that rude person! You could have even retorted, "Why else would I proudly volunteer the label?"
  11. I think it just highlights how prevalent fakes are. I think what really suprised me is that she was so blunt. I mean the woman was not just a sales person, but the OWNER of the shoe shop. I had already purchased the shoes when she made her comment and she had given me an extra percentage off, so I was keeping the shoes. I just think it's crazy/sad that it almost seems common for people to ask about one's bag authenticity.

    In the end, I really do love my Gucci and I know a fake would never be as nice or hold up as well, so it really doesn't matter what she asks. I know it's real! :yes:
  12. I think it's funny that someone in our neck of the woods knew that Gucci was faked! LOL! That was completely rude though of her to ask you like that.

  13. Please...I spend enough money on my bags, and i seriously get sick of shoes. Shop at Walmart or just wear flip flops everyday. I have so many regular customers that are buying a 300$ bag, and they are in sweats with bleach spots, or ugly tennis shoes...The real handbag lovers are spending their money on hand bags. :idea:

    Also...I see so many LVs, I don't even know whats fake or real...I am scared tobuy one cause A.I dont want to be scammed a fake B. People to think i have a fake...
    How shallow.:jammin:
  14. true! I spend way less for shoes or clothes than what I do for handbags.
    Lucretias, why did you say that your bag is fake?
  15. Hey!!! Not nice. I get all my shoes from Payless, Target and Baker's. I'm not swimming in a pool of money so I have to be thrifty in other stuff for me to buy the handbags I like. Besides, I can't even walk in heels. I can't see myself working a pair of Loboutins. :p

    And the saleslady was just RUDE. I would've said something like: "not as fake as your (insert ridiculous feature here)", and smile.