Fake Bag Shipped Back To Me????????

  1. I Have Been Having A Promblem For 1 Month With This Fake Lv, So Here Is My Story. I Bought A Fake Lv On eBay(not Knowing Until I Got It) I Opened A Dispute As Soon As I Received It And The Seller Did Not Respond, So I Opened A Claim The Seller Still Did Not Respond,anyway Paypal Decided In My Favor So I Got $200.00 Back,well I Paid $475.00 For This Peice Of Crap, So I Called My Cc Company And They Told Me To Send The Bag Back And Get A Return Reciept So I Did, Now Usps Is Sendind The Bag Back To Me Because The Address Is A Fake Address. Do I Call My Cc Company And Explain They Will See On My Statement That Paypal Refunded $200 Of The $475.00. Any Suggestions? This Is A Mess, I Am So Done With Buying On eBay!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yes def. call your credit card company and explain what happened, hopefully they will reimburse you the 275 difference.

    As for the seller, file a false contact information claim which might help suspend this seller.

    Don't forget to leave a negative to warn others if she is still actively selling fakes.

    Good luck and keep us posted!!
  3. I left negative feedback, do I file a false contact claim with paypal or eBay?
  4. http://search.ebay.com/ws/search/AdvSearch?sofocus=bs&sacat=-1&catref=C5&dfsp=1&from=R7&nojspr=y&fsop=1&fsoo=1&fcl=3&frpp=50&sofindtype=9&pfid=&satitle=
    First request contact information here.
    If the link doesn't work, go to your ebay do an advanced search, and over to the right of your screen you will see "Find Contact Information" under MEMBERS. You need the item number and seller's id.

    Then file w/ ebay here:

    Don't forget it's ILLEGAL to sell counterfeits. Personally, I would also file a report w/ her local police department.

    Does this seller have active listings? Can you post the link to your auction?
  5. She does not have any active listings, I can't file with the police because she isn't from where she says she is from. When the auction ended the seller was from Texas and she did have any address listed just her name city and state and zip, when I received the stament from paypal the girls name was different and she was from Maryland.Go figure. So I sent the bag back to Maryland and the address is a fake.
  6. I am not so good with attaching things but the auction number is 220195305128.
  7. Can you pm me this seller's id?
    Something sounds familiar (no, not R-O)
  8. She isn't a seller of handbags I don't think, this seems like her first fake LV.
  9. I don't think she sells handbags all the time,this seems to be her first one.
  10. Also you better clear things up with PayPal because if you get back money they will take it out of your PP account and you may end up in the hole. Another buyer just had this happen.

    That is why you look to see how much buyer protection you have when you buy off a seller (shows up on the right side near the seller ID).
  11. I thought I am cleared up with paypal, the claim is in my favor she never responded to the claim. Why would paypal take the money back?
  12. Ladybug,

    No, it wasn't the same seller I was thinking of.

    Again, try working this out w/ your credit card company.

    And maybe eBay will shut her down w/ the false contact info.
  13. I am so sorry this has happened to you, it is alway one of my conerns when I ship an authentic bag out so now I use LOCKS.
  14. the cc may have you ship it to them.

    I am not sure on the Paypal question, but would love a response.
  15. My cc required me to provide proof of delivery before issuing me a permanent refund. I had a similar situation as yours. The seller uses a PO Box and rejected my return package severla times. I was lucky to find out their PayPal account's mailing address (which is totally different than their mailing address) so I got my money back.

    Explain to your CC for your attemp of returning. Tell them you received partial refund but not all. I heard some CC still will issue refund even if the sellers rejected buyers' packages. Good luck! Please keep us posted.