Fake Bag purchased three months ago

  1. I bought a White Balenciaga First from eBay about three months ago. I have already paid the money. But, the more I looked at it, the more I think it is fake. The leather is just awful. Since I paid it thru PayPal, can I still backcharge the seller?
  2. Can you post pics in the Authenticate thread just to make sure it's fake?
  3. yes, please post pics as fendi suggested.....i say it's never too late to chase someone down especially when there's a chance you may've been ripped off
  4. I will definately post pictures when I got home tonight. I have paid $600 for the fake. It's just totally not worth it!!!
  5. Ok, so I just called my credit card company to dispute the transaction. They said they will need to get a letter from an expert saying the bag is not authentic. Do you guys know who can I ask to write the letter for me?
  6. They should be able to help you.:yes:

    My Poupette.com
  7. Three months seems like a long time. Of course I have no idea whether your bag is fake or not, but why did it take 3 months?
  8. ^^Exactly. That is a long time. It might be tough to get your money back now.
  9. Post photos ........ I have to ask the same question rally asked. 3 months?
  10. I think you may struggle now that such a long time has passed - was there a reason that you were unsure until now?
  11. She just joined last month.. Maybe the wealth of knowledge on tPF made her just realize she had a fake on her hands:shrugs:
  12. awww, that is horrible! ButI agree with the others, why did it take this long to realize it was fake? But still please postpics! Hopefully it is not a fake!
  13. :yes: Absolutely. I have learned so much since I joined TPF, masses. There is also that thing where you suspect something is wrong or have a 'bad feeling' but keep talking yourself out of it/denying it because it is a horrible idea - and I'm not just talking bags and fakes here. I certainly have had a 'hunch' about things in my life and put off finding out for sure/kept trying to rationalise things because I didn't want it to be true. I think the important thing is to try to help the OP now. So yes, first step, if you can is to post some photos and let the experts here advise you.
  14. I'm sorry about your fake Balen... Anyway, you'd ask Angie from MyPoupette.com for authentication letter. They'll charge you around $50 but I think that amount mean nothing than your $600!!

    This is the link:

    My Poupette.com
  15. Hi Handbagnuts! I know that feeling of keeping something, hoping it turns out right. I usually do that with clothes (perhaps I'll magically lose 14lbs, my body shape will totally change, my legs will magically grow 5 inches), and then by the time I realise they are wrong, I'm out of luck with the store's return policy. Thank God for eBay!

    Have you contacted the Seller with your concerns? Otherwise they are going to get a big shock with the chargeback situation, and they may have genuinely believed it to be an authentic purse. Paypal may also fight the CC company, the three months thing may cause some issues.