Fake bag on ebay report or not?

  1. Hi! Just wondering here! Do you always report to eBay when you see a fake ? I have just reported 3!! I hope they will take them off the list and stop them selling it!
  2. Yes, all the time! Lately, eBay does a great job deleting fake bag posters.
  3. I have. Unfortunately they get relisted quick it seems.
  4. I find it very effective to post them in the Hall of Shame. Whenever I do this, I can go back and check to see if the listings are still there, and they are almost always removed in a day or two. Before I did this and just reported them on my own, they didn't always get removed.
  5. Yes they should be reported...and thanks for doing so
  6. I always report fakes, yet they always seem to reappear under a different username in a few days.
  7. Yes I have reported fakes as well.
  8. Whateve, can you post this hall of shame link for me pls. Thanks!
  9. There is a different one for each designer, usually in the Shopping thread.
    Here is the one for Chanel: http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel-shopping/fake-chanel-post-it-here-42018.html
    This one is for Coach: http://forum.purseblog.com/coach-shopping/coach-hall-of-shame-post-coach-fakes-here-430751.html
    Gucci: http://forum.purseblog.com/gucci/report-this-gucci-hall-of-shame-place-fakes-169806.html
    LV: http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-shopping/report-this-lv-440380.html
  10. Oooohhh... i see, I thought there was a general one. Thanks whateve!
  11. Am going to bookmark these hall of shames so I dont get shamed. What seems to 'evident' to you guys that they are fake, is a mystery to me. Thanks!
  12. Mulberry has a thread called "a place for Mulberry fakes" - we spot them & post them there & one of our lovely Mulberry experts reports them on a daily basis (which is also good from the sellers point of view 'cause if us "un-trained" folks are wrong, & it's not fake, the seller doesn't "suffer" unnecessarily !! xH
  13. You must report. What if it was your daughter that bought that bag haha