Fake Bag Help

  1. this month i just bought a bag for a friend on eBay that was said to be authentic and it turned out to be a fake , the seller even guaranteed it was authentic and she said that she has a 3 day return period , the problem is she took over 1 week to mail it out , took about a month for me to recieve it and she`ll only refund me back 25% because she says that its been about a month and that shes afraid ive worn it . BUT HOW COULD I . on the day i recieved it i had it authentified and it was a fake :[ . and i messaged her right away

    so seeing as she`ll only give me 25%

    how can i get my money via paypal back

    and also how long is the process
  2. First of all, her 3 day return period should have been from the date you actually received the item. You should definitely file a SNAD dispute through PayPal because you shouldn't have to pay a restocking fee if the bag is fake. It can take up to 30 days for PayPal to make a decision. Do not send the bag back until PayPal instructs you to. They will probably also want proof that you had the bag authenticated and that it was fake. Hope this helps!:wlae:
  3. where can i get this bag authentified
    its gucci
    because i had ssomeone authentify it for me who was a friend
    and i saw someones thread on a non-authentic pelham and i compared

    and thank you skigirl73 for your help
  4. You're welcome! Sorry you have to go through this...

    Check out http://www.caroldiva.com or http://www.mypoupette.com. Both specialize in LV, but I think they will authenticate other bags. I've also heard that caroldiva is quicker than mypoupette. Both will charge you a fee to do the authentication. You may want to send an email though their sites to make sure they will authenticate a Gucci and how long it will take. You could also have it authenticated through the Gucci forum on here, but PayPal will probably want a letter proving that it is fake and I'm not sure if there is anyone on here that will write the letter for you. You may want to post it on the Gucci forum anyway and then see who they suggest getting the letter from. You would go to the Gucci forum and then find the thread that says "authenticate this gucci". You would then post the eBay listing or pics and someone will look at them and respond. In the meantime, file your dispute with PayPal ASAP to get the ball rolling.

    Vicki :smile: