Fake bag advertisements?

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  1. I was clicking through the adverts on tPF and this came up as one of them. They have a disclaimer saying the bags they display are for "entertainment" purposes only and they're not affiliated to the original designers.

    Vlad, Megs, what gives? :cry:

    <img alt="" _base_target="_top" height="1" width="1"><img alt="" _base_target="_top" height="1" width="1">Luxury handbags 60% off
    Berkin kelly bolide JPG spy bag hobo bag Paddington Le dix reporter

    <img alt="" _base_target="_top" height="1" width="1">Ads by Google - Advertise on this site
    <img alt="" _base_target="_top" height="1" width="1">
  2. this comes up ALL the time. . .
    Vlad and Megs cannot handpick the advertisers when their google sponsored. Keywords automatically generate which ads are on which page. . . .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.