FAKE at a garage sale!!!

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  1. I went to a couple garage sales this past weekend and my boyfriend and i pulled up to a house and got out to look around...and the girl whos house it was, was showing a women a LV bag...so i casually walked over to see what was going on and WOW was it FAAAAKE!!! i dont know the correct name but it had the chicks on it....and the girls says to the women "i got this bag as a gift for my 18th birthday i want to sell it for $300.00" ( i almost screamed when i herd her say that!) the women asks if its real and the girl replys "ummmm why wouldnt it be" so i walk over closer to look at it carrying my speedy and the girl notices it and grabs the bag from the women and says "ummm sorry its not for sale anymore and walks into her house"...the women looks at her weird looks at me and walks away. How can some people try to sell fake bags for that much money....i just dont understand? :cursing:

    sorry for the long post i just had to share this!
  2. What was the line with the chicks on it? I don't recall it. But anyway, I guess she knew it was fake seeing as she took it away from your view, so she obviously knew what she was doing was wrong
  3. Ick.
    $300!?! Aha.
  4. yek. i have 3 replicas that were from an estate sale. thanks to tpf, i know they are now. not "uhhh are they real? or not? i dunno...." they look too good from my non-proffessional point of view, and for their prices, were way to good to pass up. stupid aaa replicas.

    ah well. they fill up space in my closet nicely lol.
  5. ok im sorry its not the chick ( im still learning all about lv so im sorry) it was the Murakami Cherry Blossom ( i looked it up on line)!!!
  6. Glad you saved that poor woman from ending up with a fake bag!
  7. ^^yes, but some other sucker will come along and buy it.
  8. Glad you were there to save that woman from spending money on a fake.

    I am mean, so I would have told the garage sale person it was fake in front of the woman she was trying to sell it to. LOL
  9. I wanted to say something so bad but my boyfriend was like lets go!!!
  10. It's not nice that she is trying to rip off others by deliberately making out it is authentic. :tdown:
  11. thats soo wrong, plus wouldn't the women who was buying it most likely would find out it was a fake and know where the seller lived to confront her later on about it?? duh
  12. oh, that's sad. people like that tick me off...
  13. ^ agreed.
  14. Eww that's so weird lol.
  15. I was thinking the same thing. She should be afraid to sell a fake to someone who knows where she lives.