Fake Alma on Housewives of Orange County

  1. Any of you watch the show Real Housewives of Orange County? I watched a couple episodes, and (sorry I dont know names) the daughter of the woman who's getting married had an alma with feet! I've never seen an alma with feet! Totally fake right? Gee, you'd think if the woman could afford a $20k wedding gown, she could afford a real bag.
  2. It's sad I've seen that several times well dressed women in their 30's with money and unfortunate fake bags :yucky:

    I guess that's how they have money by being cheap on their bags.
  3. Omg, I watch that show, thats Lauries daughter Ashley with the fake Alma, but I never thought it was a fake:confused1:. I thought Ashley bought her Alma when her mother bought her Suhali Le Fabuleux? But I guess Iwas wrong?.
  4. Yes and in one of the episodes she was also carrying a black fendi spy bag. I wonder now if that was fake too!
  5. lol..maybe the WHOLE show is just fake? hehe..I dunno, i like watching that show though...
  6. Most shows use fake bags so that nothing could happen to the real bags, same goes for jewelry. There are a few that do carry the real deal on that show. I know when Jo was on there, her bags were fake.

    I have a few friends and have been to the city where that show is made from. The people really act that way and it is a very high income area.
  7. The only real ones I've seen are Laurie's Suhali, Vicki's Azur, and Jeana's daughter has a Damier bag. One of the OC Angles has a MC Speedy but I haven't got a good enough look at it.
  8. Guess the fake bags go alone perfectly with the fake characters --yuck!
  9. Haha, I was thinking the same thing :p
  10. It kills me when rich people carries fakes, soooooo tacky! Fakes are tacky period!!!!!
  11. Ha ha ha... that was a good one! :lol:
  12. LOL! I love that show! But I did not know Jo's bag was fake! (Then again I'm not good at spotting fake LV"s~Fake Coaches, that's another story!)
  13. Lol, Ya i have seen some fakes on the show
  14. That sucks because LV has a beautiful store in Orange County's SCP
  15. I know!! I was thinking 'whoa that looks really shinny' but thought it was just the lighting or something. then in another scene you could see the bottom and I thought it had feet and was monogram on the bottom? can't remember but so disappointing lol.

    btw I'm sure George bought Lauri the Suhali not Lauri herself. Ashley doesn't even have a job I don't think so no wonder it's fake. that show is a guilty pleasure!!