Fake alexander wang sellers on ebay


~~`Suivez Moi`~~
Jun 13, 2010
Sigh... eBay is absolutely swimming with fakes these days, it makes me sooo apprehensive to buy anything there anymore. What is especially scary is that the majority of us are good at spotting fakes for certain brands, but not all. I can spot a fake LV from a mile away these days, but show me a fake Marc Jacobs and I'll be at a total loss. Alexander Wang? No clue!

The other crappy thing is that eBay is so reluctant to do anything about counterfeit sellers. There are soooo many of them nowadays that if eBay banned all of them, they would lose a HUGE profit margin. It really is a sad situation. :crybaby:
Totally right! And to be honest its as if ebay its part of the whole thing. You have no idea how many times Ive reported fake LV (horrible patina, green authenticity cards etc..) yet they do nothing. And often times they are reluctant to do the whole return money thing when it comes to fake and not as described bags.


Aug 12, 2009
I would feel very uncomfortable buying a "premier high end designer bag" on Ebay as i think most of them can be replica'd these days. I assume the brands that I have bought like Linea Pelle and Foley Corrina, Michael Kors, Cole haan are authentic, I have never seen any replica's of those..anyone?
The only Coach and Marc Jacobs bag I bought I had authenticated in there threads..they came up authentic..but It's such a worry


Nov 12, 2011
You're right. Merely having a MIC tag doesn't guarantee authenticity. However being able to distinguish between them is what matters. There are other factors besides just having the correct MIC tag. I'm curious to know why you think the last two sellers are selling fake bags? If you wouldn't mind sharing what questions and answers were exchanged? :smile:
Hi.....I just got a Rocco bag on Ebay and I think it's fake. Is it true that if the little Made In China tag on the inside of the bag is white, then it is a fake?