Fake alexander wang sellers on ebay

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  1. Hi Guys these are a few counterfeit sellers whom list fake AW on Ebay. If you know of any others, please feel free to list them here.

  2. Yikes.. you've found more! I am still trying to decide how to address the first 3. *headache*
  3. Sigh... eBay is absolutely swimming with fakes these days, it makes me sooo apprehensive to buy anything there anymore. What is especially scary is that the majority of us are good at spotting fakes for certain brands, but not all. I can spot a fake LV from a mile away these days, but show me a fake Marc Jacobs and I'll be at a total loss. Alexander Wang? No clue!

    The other crappy thing is that eBay is so reluctant to do anything about counterfeit sellers. There are soooo many of them nowadays that if eBay banned all of them, they would lose a HUGE profit margin. It really is a sad situation. :crybaby:

  4. I'm not sure of Yamtpe as I haven't seen further proof to indicate yes/no.

    However based on the MIC photo, babyboodler looks to selling a legitimate AW bag.
  5. Hmmm.. and going back to the first 3 mentioned. Can you give me an updated opinion as to bags listed/sold by these 3 sellers?

  6. Well based on past listings by putalushious, mizzjazzy2145, and roseclosetstyle, they all seem to be the same seller. I recall a hilary studded shopper bag listed with a MIC tag that indicated it was not authentic. There are elements in the photos that indicate that the bags are not authentic.
  7. Thank you...
  8. Hi dear all of these bags are fakes. Niether one of them are legitimate. I have already asked questions about the bags from each seller and they all came up lame duck. MIC tags dont guarantee authenticity the goods fakes have them as well. So please dont judge the bag from the MIC tag alone ladies.:busted
  9. There are plenty of fake Alex Wang sellers and users. They buy on ioffer and then pass these crafty fakes off as real. Even some who collect and sell authentic bags have bought these fakes on ioffer. For what? Go figure.:nuts: Alexander Wang bags are a big trend now, so of course these fakers are cashing in. Beware. There is a subforum here to check them out before you waste your money on a fake. THanks for posting these fakers, OP. I feel sure there are quite a few more.

  10. You're right. Merely having a MIC tag doesn't guarantee authenticity. However being able to distinguish between them is what matters. There are other factors besides just having the correct MIC tag. I'm curious to know why you think the last two sellers are selling fake bags? If you wouldn't mind sharing what questions and answers were exchanged? :smile:
  11. I have almost zero idea about how authentic AW bags should be. I guess people like me better to buy at authorized retailers or AW website at first. Just makes me wonder in the case of SNAD, who can professionally authenticate his bags if PayPal asks for a document.... Caroldiva does that?
  12. In case this convo gets into any DETAIL about WHY fake/not fake, ya'll might wanna PM...?? Your call....;)

  13. Ellie Mae, you're absolutely right. Karessday, please PM if you'd like to discuss this further. :smile:
  14. :yes: big ears lurk...
  15. Thanks for the heads up Ellie dont wanna alert any counterfeiters.:tup:
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