Fake ads on tpf?

  1. I'm not sure if anyones noticed a banner at the top and bottom of tpf selling extravagant funiture using LV material?

    The site is http://www.jemmanuel.com.

    I'm just bringing it to everyone's attention incase they haven't seen it..

    I have a screenie of the ad if anyone wants to see it.
  2. The ads put up by Google change all the time, so we don't always catch the fakes. Let me have Vlad look into this. Are you sure it is fake?? I think it is furniture just using LV products? Or am I way off?
  3. It's using LV 'authentic' material to make their sofa's I think :/

    Most people have said it's fake and there's no way LV would allow such a thing.

    EDIT: I wasn't trying to be critical or anything I'm aware of the randomising ads I just wanted to let you guys know :yes:
  4. I've been seeing dellamoda and another similar site (forgot the name!) on the Prada subforum nearly every day. :yucky:
  5. I noticed that google ads featuring fakes do pop up. I just saw a bagarama ad.
  6. Is there something that can be done about this? To me - if it's advertised on TPF then I believe it's legit.
  7. you need to let us know the fake ad that is showing. We can filter ads out. Google automatically updates, which we have no control over, but we can then filter the fake ads out.

    so just PM Vlad or I to let us know :yes:
  8. Great - thanks =)
  9. There are constant google ads for fake bag websites.

    One seller I emailed about her bag (fake) said she "purchased her bag on a website advertised on tpf"
  10. Yeah there are just too many of them. It is good that you can filter them. Maybe there could be a disclaimer somewhere that the google ads can change and may not be a trusted website so we should check with forum members before doing anything?
  11. I think people need to ALWAYS be cautious when buying online... I will ask Vlad about adding a disclaimer, but no one should buy anything without extensive research or knowing about the site.

    Like I said, any fake sites you see from google, just copy paste and PM it to Vlad or I.
  12. I've sent you a few, you are probably getting annoyed with them!
  13. Oh no, I added them all to the filter. Keep it up - keep tPF clean!
  14. Thx Vlad and Megs!!!

    I saw an ad for KK the other day and I was like WoAH

  15. :nuts::wtf::wtf::wtf::nogood::nogood: