fake accessories?

  1. are there fake keyfobs and mini skinnys? obviously they make tons of fake bags, put do people bother with making fakes of the accessories?
  2. I've seen quite a few fake keyfobs and wristlets... - if you check the "Worst Fakes" thread - you will see a ton!

    Sad, really - but it seems like there is a fake for just about anything.

  3. LOTS of fake keychains from Malaysia, China, ect.

    Not just bad copies, but some that Coach hasn't even made!:cursing:
  4. Yeah, I almost bid on a fake keyfob once :sad:
  5. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. YUP!

    I have the monkey and he sure as heck does not look like that!:wtf:

    I can see why its easy for some potential buyers that are not familiar with Coach to bid on and buy a fake!
  7. Hmm, I wanted to buy a key chain on eBay but I guess I shouldn't.

    I didn't even think it would be cost effective to fake these, but I guess so!
  8. the fake keyfobs are rampant. not so much with mini skinnies, but they sure do exist.
  9. i knew that they made random ones that coach never put out, but i wasnt sure if they would go out of their way to replicate a keyfob when they cant get that much money for them anyway. some people are too desperate. if only the world was fake free- everything would be so much simpler
  10. Yes, fake. I almost bid on a fake monkey a few weeks back. Actually, I bid and retracted it. First bid retraction I ever did in a cazillion transactions.
  11. Coach accessories are so reasonable in pricing. It's so ridiculous that someone would even waste time copying them. I've seen some terrible accessories before. I think many people aren't even aware they are carrying fakes......
  12. That is so sad - fake monkeys
  13. There are so many fake key fobs on eBay it is ridiculous!! Coach did not make Disney/Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty keyfobs.

    To me, counterfeiting the keyfobs seems like it would be very cost effective for them. Mass Manufacture them for a cost of $1 each or whatever and sell them for $10 and resell for $25 , etc. etc.

    BTW, although Coach's keychains are cheaper than most any other item, I'm sure some people still find it hard to spend $50 on a key chain!
  14. Hello Kitty fake Coach keyfobs? Now that's just ridiculous!

    I've actually not seen too many fake Coach accessories, just the wallets. I mean, why even bother buying a fake mini skinny when the real thing is reasonably priced?