Fairy Princess Shoes

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  1. So after I decided I was not in love with the camel O My Slings, I decided to return them and find the breath-taking, make your heart skip a beat, first CLs.

    Here they are the Nude Jolies or as my mom calls them the Fairy Princess Shoes!

    I'm in :heart:! They are so beautiful. I just wanted to share since I have enjoyed all your posts and amazing pictures.

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  2. Those are so pretty.
  3. stunning! so glad you got your perfect fairy princess shoes!
  4. :love: :love:
  5. so glad that you were able to find a pair that makes your heart skip a beat. They look great on you!
  6. GORGEOUS!!! where did you find them?!?!
  7. Ahhh...the Joli - its even prettier in nude!
    Love them!!! Im very tempted to get them in all the colors!
  8. Oh my :heart::girlsigh:
  9. They look very good on you!
  10. Your compliments make me want more! Thank you all for your support of what I predict will become my new addiction! I am so excited to wear them to dinner Friday night.

    I found them at Barneys SF. I seem to have the best luck there in SF. I went to Saks and NM, but nothing compared to these beauties!
  11. Gorgeous! They look great on you.
  12. :yahoo:
  13. Gorgeous! They look great on you and your pedicure is perfect with them! It makes me want to go check out our Barney's here and see if they have them in my size.
  14. So pretty :girlsigh:
  15. hooray they're lovely!