Fairy Orange or Astro - Opinions Please!

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  1. I'm a little late to the game, always happens!
    But, I want to get a Fairy in color!
    Please, Opinions, suggestions ...........
    Orange - bright - vibrant! (will I get tired of the color) or
    Astro - Grey - more neutral - (possibly year round color)
    HELP Girls!
    TIA :flowers:
  2. Astro!!

    Orange seems a lot more difficult to match with your wardrobe & more of a summer color.
  3. you should really post a pic of yourself in what you normally wear and the bags you would normally and the shoes too otherwise it would be a personal opinion, and my vote is for the astro because I like purples and pinks and orange is too LOUD for me!
  4. ASTRO!!!

    (although if i were to get a color, it would be orange, but i think this is harder to match with everything, and you may get bored of it quicker?)
  5. Definitely the astro...the orange is a little gaudy for me.
  6. astro definitely. i luv that colour
  7. Thanks everyone ........ looks like Astro is the fav!
  8. If anyone hears of an Astro available please PM me, I think I'm going in that direction .....
    I love the Orange, but I think the Astro is easier to work into my wardrobe!
  9. I would chose the ASTRO because Orange does seem to be harder to match with the wardrobe and I feel like Astro/Gray is more of a smooth background for the fairies :yes: