Fairy in SoHo

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  1. So, I was wondering around SoHo yesterday and I noticed a fairy bag (white) on the counter through the Prada window. I was planning to NOT go into Prada or Miu Miu as I really am not allowing myself anymore purchases now until Fall.
    Well, I wanted to check out this Fairy and see what all the fuss was about as I didn't see one in real life (except a small purple one). It's GORGEOUS!!
    It was the floor model and they offered to sell it to me for 20% off. I was tempted but it was one of the first ones and I saw a run in the print. The lining was a gorgeous buttery cranberry leather, I melted when I unzipped that bag.

    Just thought I'd share my fairy thoughts and it anyone wants that floor model, you should call...maybe there is a way of sealing it. The smear of color was not very noticable.
  2. That's why they probably offered 20% off.
    It was probably a return.
  3. yep...i hate when they sell returns....
  4. ^^^seriously, ick!
  5. At least they were discounting it and not trying to passing it off as a flawless bag.
  6. Ya, and don't we know who returned it ????
  7. I'm pretty new to Prada~~ so I was wondering
    how much is the fairy bag??
  8. HECK YES! :yahoo:

    BUT WHY? i mean its a great way to get a bag that has a problem at a great price that is still current!!! :tup:

  9. ^ But sometimes, they don't tell customers it was a return and usually they do not offer additional discounts unless it has a patent defect. That's when it sucks!