Fairy frustration

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  1. There was one on ebay but it was difficult to find information about it in general. Do you mind me asking how much it was retail? The totes are hard to find, too.

    I'll see if I can figure out if mine is a later version. We get quite a bit of rain here so my sister jokes that I'll be able to use it about 2 weeks a year in May sometime :P
  2. I'm sorry that can't recall the exact price of the purple one I bought, it was well in excess of £1000.00 GB anyhow. Once it goes over 1K GB I perhaps block it out for guilt!

    In hindsight it was a really foolish purchase, as I much prefer the cream version. I don't normally buy pale coloured bags so I sort of convinced myself that the darker colour would be more useful to me. They had said at Prada that it was only being sold in small numbers in Europe, but I am not so sure about that. I later sold it. It seemed silly to keep it and not use it. I don't usually buy totes so the shape and size didn't suit me either. All in all, not one of my better purchases.

    If I had your bag I would just use it all the time as it is too nice to leave in its dust bag. I live in a wet climate and so that can't put me off as it rains here a lot and if I let the weather stop me, so many of my bags that wouldn't see the light of day.
  3. Does anyone have the 2008 catalog/lookbook? I've been searching on ebay but no luck. I know there were some postings back in the day (http://forum.purseblog.com/prada/prada-fairy-pouches-wallet-shoes-photos-prices-measurements-293039.html) but it seems like they only had the prugno listings. If they had the nylon bags (see sample pic) and the darker purses I'd love to see those details. If only I'd been on the ball, I would have grabbed a free one from the store :sad:

    Currently, there are 2 fairies on ebay that at a quick glance look like they could be real if people are interested. One is really pricey but if the bowler is real that seems like the going market price.

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  4. I have a catalogue that I received from the Prada store at the time these line came out. It is the square catalogue they usually send when new bags are released. Is that the type of catalogue you mean? It isn't the larger thicker, store reference copies.
  5. I haven't seen any of the 2008 catalogs but assume it is the one you have. Does it show all the fairy collection or just the main bags and shoes?
  6. I´d like to find a Prada Fairy Tote, an authentic one !!!!
  7. I like the tote, in any colour. I hope I can get one soon and not too expensive!!
  8. Opinions wanted - which would you get?

    • Prada fairy scarf
    • Hermes Ferronnerie
    • Hermes Zabavushka
    Anya20 - did you find a tote?

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  9. Gorgeous scarves! I'm biased....but I love the Fairy scarf. I think it would really make an outfit pop!
  10. Does anyone have modeling pics of the fairy scarf? With the design on one end, I'm not sure how it would look folded or how to wear it best...unless it's more decorative??