Fairy frustration

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  1. I need advice - I've been looking for a fairy bag for a bit of time and am trying to narrow down what I should get. I was leaning towards a tote in astro, cipria, or (whatever the light blue one is called)? but they seem difficult to find and I'm wondering if they are too large. Do the bowlers come in different colours too?

    I have spotted an authentic wristlet but it is overpriced so I'd prefer to wait...I just don't want to skip it and not find another one for years. What do people think - size? colour?

    There was a bowler on Yoogis a few weeks ago that sold in less than a day and now I'm wondering if I should have jumped on it.
  2. Okay, I'm thinking that the wristlet is too small and the one I spotted too expensive. Does anyone know the dimensions of the large bowler? Any opinions?
  3. Hi - I can't help with the dimensions, but from memory there are some really good threads about fairy bags, in particular "Tookata's crazy fairy collection" which should help. My lovely mother has bought me the wristlet for my birthday next month which I am super excited about - it's reasonable roomy for a clutch. Mine has a small amount of "bleeding" but it was a total steal, and is still beautiful - can't wait to use it.

    Anyway, best of luck with your search - the Fairy collection is beautiful!!
  4. Thanks Kitten24. I have been looking through the old threads...guess I need to dig a bit deeper to see if the larger bowler dimensions are somewhere. I have noticed some ladies saying the rectangular one is rather large (although I'm a chubby so I can probably get away with it). It did say somewhere that bowlers came in different colours in Europe but I've never seen proof...?
  5. You also need to search the Miu Miu forum for Fairy bag info. Prada and MM used to be one single sub-forum, but when they were divided into two different forums, all the old Prada threads stayed on the MM sub-forum. Don't ask me why....

    Just checked. Yep, there's tons of info about Fairy bags in the Miu Miu subforum from October 2008 and older.
  6. :yahoo: Just saw a bowler on Yoogis! I'm not sure what happened since one sold a few weeks ago and it looks like the same one. It feels unreal that it popped up again today, especially after I've been checking ebay and the reputable dealers almost obsessively the last few days. Now I'm broke but happy!
  7. :woohoo::ban:
  8. CONGRATULATIONS - post some modelling pics when you receive it!!!
  9. Now I can stop pestering you fab authenticators about fairies on evilbay :P
    (...unless I spot a light coloured rectangular fairy but first things first)
  10. Congrats - so glad you finally managed to track one down! Do post pics ya!
  12. ^:lol:
  13. Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see modelling pics!