Fairy Catalog Pictures

  1. Hi. I just got this last catalog night. Thought that i would share!:smile:
  2. Some more ...
  3. and the last.
    DSCN3035.JPG DSCN3036.JPG DSCN3037.JPG
  4. You know, I have to say I like the big square bag the best...and now I want a wallet.
  5. I don't think it's a wallet -- I think it's the clutch they had in the look book on Fifth ave -- as they had those shapes.
  6. I want them all!
  7. thanks for posting! i must run into my local prada store and get me some catalogs too! :p
  8. Thanks for posting!! what a beautiful catalog!!! How much is the square one? I couldn't read the catalog.
  9. anyone know when the other styles are going to be out? I love the bowler version!
  10. Thank you for the pics! I probably wouldn't buy from this collection, but I always love to look at glossy photos of things! :p
  11. i am actually kinda digging the wedges!:drool:
  12. :yes: Beautiful!!! but i wouldn't dare to carry it !
  13. The square one is gorgeous, $2200 though and sold out everywhere. I collect fairies so I'm wondering if I can pull this off...
  14. There is a wallet and I put myself on the waiting list for it. Unfortunately the wallet is the large zip style so it doesn't really work for those of us that prefer smaller size wallets. There was a wristlet and a clutch. I think the wristlet was 680 and the clutch was around 1300. It is beautiful leather and while I don't usually get into this kind of thing, I kind of fell in love with this print and leather.
  15. By the way, I did see a photo of this pattern on a purple background instead of white. I have no idea when that is coming out.